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  1. saleen

    Sold 2007 A4 Avant 2.0TDI S-line (170PS)

    Managed to sell it via Facebook. Thanks for the feedback, now the hunt starts for a TT... Dear Admin people - please can you mark this post as Sold (I can't seem to find the right button) - thank you
  2. saleen

    Sold 2007 A4 Avant 2.0TDI S-line (170PS)

    Would appreciate any constructive feedback from other members on my ad - do you think the price is about right?
  3. saleen

    What do you do for a job?

    Gaydon - Automated Driving dept (might make me unpopular here!)
  4. saleen

    Sold 2007 A4 Avant 2.0TDI S-line (170PS)

    Its time to trade in my trusty A4 Avant.. 135000 miles, FSH (mostly Audi dealers + specialists), MOT till May 2021, cambelt changed, 18” alloys, roof-rails, front & rear parking sensors, Audi Concert 6-speaker CD/stereo, dual-zone climate control A/C, two remote keys, front seats elec/adjustable...
  5. saleen

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  6. saleen

    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Took a few more photos of the interior to try & get some buyers interested!
  7. saleen

    IMDB Top 250 Movies - Agree Or Disagree ?

    #29 "Parasite" - just the title puts me off..:sadlike:
  8. saleen

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  9. saleen

    my Audi TT quattro 2003...overfilled on sounds like a tractor

    Hope it’s not too serious @DebsTT - be sure to post back when you find out what it is? I've overfilled my A4 TDI a couple of timeS, thankfully there’s a pressure relief valve that blows, which are less than a tenner to replace yourself.
  10. saleen

    What do you do for a job?

    JLR engineer
  11. saleen

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  12. saleen

    Engine not turning off!

    Wow that sounds annoying! Is it petrol or diesel?
  13. saleen

    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4 Avant, the more the merrier.....

    Another 2.0 TDI 170ps. It’s for sale!
  14. saleen

    Oil Change

    Not sure why you’re planning to change the oil twice? Instead you could look into using some Wynns engine cleaner additive to the old oil before draining (instructions say how long to run it for). Which car do you have? If it’s a turbo diesel then using the right VW spec oil is important.
  15. saleen

    Word Association Game .. . . .