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  1. L33TAY

    Sub Upgrade Audi A5 and Parcel Shelf Packing

    Hi All I have a 13 plate Audi A5. The B&O Sub is pants on these and the parcel shelf rattles its T*ts off when the volume is up. Does anyone know a good Audio tech or shop in the Manchester/Stockport area where I can get a new sub fitted and the parcel shelf packed out etc? Cheers Lee
  2. L33TAY

    Parcel Shelf Rattling (New Sub) A5 - Advice Please?

    Hi All Hope you are all well! I have the A5 now as previously discussed. The rear parcel shelf is awful on the A5 for rattling when the volume is up on the stereo (B&O) and the Sub is pants too. Wanted to know if anybody can recommend a good stereo shop/Audi Tech in the Manchester area...
  3. L33TAY

    Independent Audi Specialist in NW Area (NOT Main Dealer) - Please help

    Hi All Not been around for a while, hope you're all well?? I am still in my A5 following the departure of the S3, and I am in dispute with Audi regarding a warranty issue. I need to get an independent report done on the issue before I go legal with the problem, so my question is, does...
  4. L33TAY

    Selling S3 - Thoughts??

    Hi all Not been here for a while as work has been taking over my life! Hope you're all well?? Its time to off load the S3 and down grade to something more sensible/economical, and was after some opinions of whether I should advertise it with all the bits on or put it back to Standard? I...
  5. L33TAY

    Contact details for Audi UK

    Hi All Is Jeremy Hicks still the top man at Audi if we need to put a complaint in? And if so, does anyone have his email please (Had this previously but lost it) Thanks in advance Lee
  6. L33TAY

    Valuation ROFL - webuyanycar

    Out of interest Just did a valuation on my car on '' cos I'm sat here bored! £25, 200!! Bwwwwaaahahahahahahahahahahhhehehehehhahahahahah! No wonder the owners are all millionaires!
  7. L33TAY

    Car back in dealers tomorrow, booked in with no time limit!!

    Its back in for the 11th time tomorrow, they have booked me a courtesy car indefinitely! Still radio signal problem, can't get radio signal in the car, amongst other things, loose panels rattles etc, most have been of already and refitted, second time round now. Upto now on the radio issue...
  8. L33TAY

    Insurance with Mods - Silly Quote!!

    Hi All I have just been insurance quoted on my S3 with the mods that I will be doing. Standard Car £430.00 (£50 Excess) With Mods - £2650.00 (£200 Excess) Does this sound normal?? Anyone else got any sensible quotes with mods? Cheers
  9. L33TAY

    Mileage at First Service - S3

    Hi Guys What sort of mileage are you getting till your first service is due on your S3's?? And is the first service just an oil change, or do they change filters etc? Cheers
  10. L33TAY

    Car In Dealers AGAIN

    This time really bad rattles in pasenger and drivers door, showed the Audi tech guy and he was quite shocked, said it sounded like the door panels were not fitted back to the doors, I said to him the build quality of Audi these days is *****, and he agreed! Also radio reception is shocking...
  11. L33TAY

    Having REVO Stage 2+ next week at Awesome!

    Having the REVO stage 2+ done on the 27th at Awesome, but not going for the intake yet as funds will not permit!! They have said they will turn the settings down a bit to allow for not having the air intake, so we will see what sort of gains this gives me. I'll report back on how different...
  12. L33TAY

    Have I got something missing?????????

    Hi All Had some work done on the car a while back by Ben at AVP, not been in the engine bay since, just been in to check out oil and noticed this (See Pics) Should there be a cover here or not, as Ben was going to fit an Evoms at the time but the wrong part came, not sure if something has...
  13. L33TAY

    Awesome now doing REVO - Thats very handy!!

    Awesome - VAG Tuning Maybe old news, not sure, but there is link anyway:thumbsup:
  14. L33TAY

    Where is Cheapest place to buy Evoms for S3?? & Is it the best??

    Anyone had any good deals on-line etc for an evoms kit for S3 And do we think these are still the best option at the moment, or is there anything new out? Any help appreciated!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  15. L33TAY

    Getting S3 Back Tomorrow!

    Getting the S3 back tomorrow from Stockport Audi:s3addict: I have had it 5 weeks now, and it has been in the dealers 3 weeks out of the 5!!:banghead::banghead: Apparently now 100% perfect, lets wait and see eh At least I am not putting the miles on it, and getting a few nice loan cars...
  16. L33TAY

    WARNING regarding Mods/Warranty at dealers

    Hi All I have just taken my car into Audi as the steering wheel wasn't straight, this was the case when I picked the car up - and I told them it had been lowered (Which they said made no difference) however, when I mentioned that It had 4 wheel alignment done at the same time they changed...
  17. L33TAY

    Had the New S3 about 2 weeks now - Thoughts so far

    Hi All Picked the new S3 up on the 1st Sept, was a disaster on the day as funds did not clear until 4pm, so was sat in the dealers from 8.30, so was seething by the time I could drive it away, put a dampener on the day really. But hey! But, once in the car and driving it was a nice place...
  18. L33TAY

    Turbo - Limp Mode - Please HELP NW Area

    Hi Does anybody know any turbo specialists in the NW, my car keeps going into limp mode at high revs and on the motorway at arout 85-95mph I have checked for split pipes and put a new MAF on it, but still the same!! I'm at the end of the road with this thing now, and cannot afford to...
  19. L33TAY

    Been to see my new S3 - Not long now!!

    Hi all I called in to the dealers tonight to sign some paperwork, having been told originally the car wasn't there, but when I got there was told it was, so had a quick look!!:hubbahubba::hubbahubba: Very nice, everything looks present and correct, however, made a slight error in the...
  20. L33TAY

    Revo Stage2+ and HPFP - Any Advice Please

    Hi All I have the Miltek Turbo Back for the car, it is also booked in for an ITG on the 1st September at Awesome GTI, however, I need to get it to a REVO dealer for Stage2+ and ideally the same dealer does the HPFP, so has anyone any recommendations for a good dealer near...