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    Parking light / sidelight wire color

    On my wiring diagram, the RH sidelight power wire should be Grey/Red. The LH sidelight should be Grey/Black. The ground wire in both lights is Brown. Note, this applies to models without headlamp leveling. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck.
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    Try this. Disconnect the positive battery lead. Touch it to the negative lead (or chassis). That should discharge any remaining current from the ECU and reset it. Then reconnect the battery and try a restart. If that does not work, get it scanned with VCDS and look at what error...
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    PRNDS Flashing - Intermittent Starting Issue

    Have you checked (changed) the battery in the key fob?
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    PRNDS Flashing - Intermittent Starting Issue

    PRNDS flashing usually indicates a problem with the DSG gearbox. Not a good sign at all. Have you had the car scanned with VCDS, which should show some fault codes that you can use to determine where the problem is? Not heard of gearbox issues preventing a good start, but perhaps it is...
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    Air condition problem?? 2007 Sline TDI

    Just a thought Marcus. Have you checked that BOTH of the electric fans are running when you try to turn on the aircon? Other than that, the best way forward is to have a VCDS scan. That should show up any faulty sensors, bad fan controllers and/or pressure problems in the aircon system...
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    2.0 tdi BKD 140, weird noise after 2000krpm

    Sounds like what you have there is a resonance. In other words, something is vibrating exactly and only when the engine hits 2000 rpm. You might try having it on a hydraulic ramp, running the engine at exactly 2000 rpm, and have someone underneath looking to see where the noise is coming...
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    misfire at high speed (BKD 2.0)

    There is a map of forum members who have the capability to make a VCDS scan for you. Navigate to: to see where they are located. Hope this helps.
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    misfire at high speed (BKD 2.0)

    If you have not done so, get the car scanned with VCDS. This software is able to log individual injector performance, so you may get a clearer picture of what is going on. One thing it might be is the injector wiring loom. These are known to fail on the BKD, and are easy to replace...
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    RNSE maps and software update

    Oops...sorry, I failed to see he was running the Mk2.
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    RNSE maps and software update

    As far as I know, the latest firmware is 0650. If yours is at 0220 it could indicate it has never been updated, or possibly it has been hacked to add in the SDS function some time in the past. Normally when you put in a 2015 disk it should automatically update the firmware, so something...
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    Electrical Gremlins

    Yes, just try the short as you have described. When one has 'flickering' of lamps or warnings, it usually means that there is a bad connection somewhere. Perhaps a broken wire, or a corroded contact, or a failing switch. Have you checked that the battery connections are tight, and that the...
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    Electrical Gremlins

    Did you actually try shorting pin 2? What happened so that you can drive the car perfectly? When you lock the car, is pin 2 still shorted to chassis? Sorry but I am a bit confused. If the hatchback microswitch is disabled (shorting) and there is no DIS indication of an open door, then...
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    Electrical Gremlins

    Re the RNS-E. You are right. The display is in colour, but what appears on the dashboard are the turn directions, distance to a turn, roundabouts, etc. All in red. I find it a very useful thing to be able to see this without having to look at the RNS-E screen. Also on the dash, you get...
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    Electrical Gremlins

    Yes that should do it. Look to see if the DIS still reports the door to be open.
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    Electrical Gremlins

    Two ideas. If you can unplug the connector, short pin 2 of the connector plug to chassis. Pin two connects to the internal microswitch in the lock, so by shorting it to chassis in the plug, it should signal to the Convenience Module that the boot is shut. That should test out the lock...
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    Coolant Leaking (radiator)

    Yes a new radiator would be indicated, unless the leak is from one of the flexible pipes connecting the radiator to the engine. So, best to get this looked at by the garage again, and make sure the source of the leak is properly identified. I believe that most of the radiator leaks that I...
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    Creak from supsension

    Have the same problem, which seems to be coming from the rear suspension. Only happens in winter, so I am thinking about squirting the bushes with WD40 to see if that helps. If you find a solution, please let us all know. Far as I know, the shock absorbers do not come with grease nipples...
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    I think my S3 is trying to kill me and Audi don't care!

    Suggest that you go buy the excellent Varta 44 battery asap. Take it to the garage, and ask them to fit it right away. If the old battery was so bad that it went flat, there is a chance that a new battery may solve several problems at once. One can only hope.
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    Reverse camera works only when ignition is on

    Get a simple +12 volt source, independent from the car electrics and see if the video signal is recognized when the 'car is turned on'. If so, it looks like the camera does indeed not like the higher voltage. However, with the simple +12v supply the signal is NOT recognized when the car is...
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    2.0 TDI BKD Starting Issues.. (Cold Start)

    Wow, your first video, with new battery and starter motor, its turning over very nicely. A diesel only need a little fuel to fire, and so it would possibly indicate that fuel is just not getting into the cylinders. I suspect with a pump duse (PD) engine there should be residual fuel in the...