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  1. Duck C7 allroad

    For Sale OEM AUDI A6 C7 Avant/allroad full leather seats.

    OEM AUDI A6 C7 Avant/allroad full leather seats. Rear bench, rear back rest, rear side bolsters and front seats which are manual but heated and with electric lumbar support. Small amount of creasing on the driver seat base through normal use (see pics) but otherwise all seats and leather are...
  2. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Brand new GENUINE OEM AUDI A6 C7 ALLROAD 13-17 Lower front steel skid/guard plate

    Brand new GENUINE OEM AUDI A6 C7 ALLROAD 13-17 Lower front steel skid/guard plate £260 Part number: 4G0807733 Can fit any Audi A6 C7 - 2013 - 2017 (ALLROADS ONLY) but please check the part number if unsure. Received as an insurance part but was never fitted. No damage whatsoever. Comes in...
  3. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Audi A6 c7 Allroad grille

    Genuine OEM Audi A6 C7 Allroad Grille - 4G0853653 £100 Taken off my 2015 A6 allroad. Grille comes with OEM chrome Audi rings and two OEM front parking sensors, ready to plug in and work as they should. Only 2 parts of damage worth noting. A 5-6cm stretch of chrome on the top has peeled...
  4. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Audi A6 C7 Driver side headlight

    Audi A6 C7 (4G) driver side headlight. Part no: 4G941006 G £240 Taken off my 2015 A6 C7 Audi allroad. Item is a xenon lamp with LED DRL in excellent condition except that the LED strip has yellowed a little with age and front plastic has usual tiny stone chips (see last two photos) which can...
  5. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Genuine exhaust tips

    Yes, you push them on. Its held in place with a pair of fixings on the inside which hold the original pipe against the tips. Here's a picture I found on Google...
  6. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Genuine exhaust tips

    Hi, Yeah it'll fit any A4 B8/8.5 2008-2016. Part number 8K0253825D
  7. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Genuine exhaust tips

    Sorry, I forgot to add that in the advert! £25
  8. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Audi A4 B8 8K Premium boot sill protector

    A4 boot sill protector - £30 Black, ABS plastic boot protector with folded lip to fit Audi A4 B8 8K model. Brand new with original box and packaging, only opened to check contents. All sticky pads are unused and item has been stored indoors. Bought from Ebay for £45 and shipped from Germany...
  9. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold A6 aluminium roof rails

    Genuine OEM Audi A6 Allroad roof rails - £120 ono Part no's: 4G9860021C & 4G9860022C These aluminium roof rails are in excellent condition apart from a few light scuffs (which can't be seen unless right up close). They are entirely sound with no dents, scratches or rust and all bolts are in...
  10. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Genuine Audi top tether anchor for child seats

    OEM Audi top tether anchor point suitable for A4, B8, A6, A7, C7 - £20 To allow iso-fix child/baby seats to have a 3rd tether point behind the rear seat headrest (see pics for attachment point). I bought for my 2012 Audi avant from Amazon for £40 but now have an A6 which already has a pair of...
  11. Duck C7 allroad

    Sold Genuine exhaust tips

    Genuine OEM Audi exhaust tips for A4, A5, A6 and Q5. I used Autosol and wire wool to bring back the shine however there is some age related wear on the ends (see pics). As such they can be painted and lacquered should the buyer wish to. Black and titanium grey are particularly popular...
  12. Duck C7 allroad


    £35 Came with my 2015 allroad but removed immediately as not needed. Previous car owner had a dog which has nicked the underside of the partition a few times (see pics), but is not visible in situ. Otherwise the item has no other damage to the unit or net, is clean, and works as it should...
  13. Duck C7 allroad

    Wanted 18" or 19" alloy wheels with tyres...

    Hey Dale, just messaged you about my 19" Rotor alloys and wheels