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  1. arthurfuxake

    Audi specialist in northwest

    Awesome GTI all the way.
  2. arthurfuxake

    not a good start to owning a dtm help needed

    Do u get a flashing imobiliser light on the dash when turning over the engine. Sounds like the key and imobiliser are out of sync.
  3. arthurfuxake

    How to turn off route in DASH?

    Use the reset button(bottom of wiper stalk) to scroll thru the 4 options-compass, info screen 1, info screen 2 or blank.
  4. arthurfuxake

    couple of gripes

    Auto locking and 1 press unlocking are both options within VAG-COM, 2 minute job. When ur car is in for it's next service just ask for them to be disabled, or befriend someone with VAG-COM and get them to do it for you.
  5. arthurfuxake

    Have I got adaptive headlights? Look in your spare wheel well(or inside cover of your service log book, there is a sticker with all the codes of your factory fitted bits. Enter the codes into the above website and it will decode it for you.
  6. arthurfuxake

    fan washer jets

    What are fan washer jets?
  7. arthurfuxake


    There is a set of dimensions for the badges, I think it's in ELSAWIN which is the electronic workshop manual for VAG cars. I don't have ELSAWIN anymore, but I'm sure someone on here with ELSAWIN can post a pic of the diagram for you.
  8. arthurfuxake

    Warranty after RNSe retrofit?

    The computer calculates that at your current rate(the last 7 days or so) it will take you approx 350 days to do 900 miles. If you suddenly did 200 miles in a day, that figure would drop right down to something like 150 days. Also, if you jumped on a motorway and cruised at 60mph for 300 miles...
  9. arthurfuxake

    Underseat storage retrofit

    Hahahaha, thought that was only available in Mercs. I'd like to know which bolts, I've tried looking under mine, but can't see the bolts!
  10. arthurfuxake

    Underseat storage retrofit

    How do you get the front seats to tip back like that?
  11. arthurfuxake

    B7 Towbar , and fitting

    Towing a caravan behind an Audi should be against the law.:gun2:
  12. arthurfuxake

    Quattro Transmission Fluid

    The A3/S3 uses a haldex differential to control 4wd(it's not permanently 4wd, only when needed)and require a fluid change, whereas the A4 is a permanent 4wd drive system with a torsen differential. These torsen differentials are pretty maintenance free, I've never heard of a torsen diff...
  13. arthurfuxake

    First Service- How Much?

    I wouldn't use Stockport. I used to take mine to audi in Macclesfield, great team, competitive prices and good workmanship. Full audi service history won't add any value. I now use Awesome GTi in Irlam, they are good and charge half the labour rate of audi.
  14. arthurfuxake

    SE or S-Line

    I'd compromise and go for the sport. I find the SE is too soft, but I find the S-Line too hard on our great roads. The sport is a good compromise between comfort and handling. Don't be scared to test drive as many as you can, and test drive them on the roads you'll be driving on the most. Some...
  15. arthurfuxake

    Balance weight glue

    Get a can of "sticky stuff remover" from B&Q. You could also try boiling water with a bit of fairy liquid, but that would be easier with the wheels off.
  16. arthurfuxake

    New A4 review in Auto Express

    And yet What car say it's not as good as the B7.
  17. arthurfuxake

    Home made carbon fibre trim pieces installed

    Those look OEM! Excellent job!
  18. arthurfuxake

    MP3 - SD cards

  19. arthurfuxake

    MP3 - SD cards

    Is it an SDHC card? RNS-E will only read standard high speed SD cards, it does not read SDHC (high capacity) cards.
  20. arthurfuxake

    Gear Change Indicator

    EASY TIGER!! We are trying to be helpfull here. Impatience and SHOUTING at us won't win you any friends on here mate.:no: Get a pic up, and we'll try again.:friends: