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  1. L111 FAD

    Headlight Lens Replacement

    Has anyone replaced the headlight lenses and anything to look out for, please? Mine (2012 SE with 'all weather headlights') are quite badly stone-shipped, way too bad for a 3M 'repair' polishing kit and one has constipation. Sorry, condensation.
  2. L111 FAD

    HID Bulb Recommendations

    Replaced the D3S headlight bulbs with some spares, but they’re ****** awful! OEM are (I think) Osram, but are there better? 2012 SE spec with all weather lights too.
  3. L111 FAD

    Wanted Wheel Mounting Spigot

    Looking for the plastic spigot that you use for mounting a wheel.
  4. L111 FAD

    For Sale 2 x Good Year Winter Tyres

    Wear as shown, decent tread, around 3mm all round except where worn. £25 for both. Collect from York
  5. L111 FAD

    For Sale A4 B7 DTM wheel

    1 x freshly refurbished (not sure of actual colour) genuine DTM 18 x 8" DTM wheel. No cracks, buckles or repairs. £125 Collection from York.
  6. L111 FAD

    DTM Wheels

    I cannot post on the Classifieds section for some reason, but if anyone is interested, I have a set of freshly refurbished 18" DTM (genuine Audi - Ronal made), wheels with brand new 225/40 x 18 Nexen tyres for a steal at £575 ono. More pics available, please ask.
  7. L111 FAD

    DTM 18's on my C7?

    Guys - I have a set of A4 B7 DTM wheels and hoping they'll fit, only thing I'm concerned with is the ET being a couple of millimetres out. DTM wheels - 8J x 18" ET43 tyre size 235 40 18 My A6 wheels - 8.5J x 19" ET45 tyre size 255 40 19 Can anyone confirm before I get the DTM rims...
  8. L111 FAD

    Saloon Boot Lid

    Is it possible to get the boot lid to close remotely on VCDS, or is that an Avant only feature?
  9. L111 FAD

    Seats - Avant into saloon......

    I've tried the search facility but no results. Anyone know if the rear Avant seats fit the saloon? I'm missing S line seats!
  10. L111 FAD

    Remap Recommendations - York

    Afternoon fellas. My 2012 2.0TDi is in need of an upgrade in the MPG department - could it have been affected by the emissions scandal and been back to Audi for the dreaded remap? I've had remaps to my previous A4's. I bought the first A4 with one that was bl**dy awful, swiped, and a Revo...
  11. L111 FAD


    Hello, I have recently bought another A6, it's a 2011 2.0 TDi SE saloon with 93k miles. My previous A6 was a 2013 2.0 TDi S line Black Edition Avant and I really regretted selling it in 2018 so it's taken a while but this was an absolute steal and I just had to have this one. Apologies from the...