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    Break, fix or sell as is?!

    Hope you don't mind I added a poll to help you :) I have upgraded your account so you can post now..
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    why do I have wastegate flutter/chatter on standard car?

    Try the search now.... Have changed the site layout so it's better for mobiles...
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    URGENT HELP... Mot failure...airbag light on... Need help with fault codes

    Looks like there is only basic coding on this one but you will want a VCDS to clear the faults after anyway... A
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    IHI VF34/22 HYBRID

    I think that's the turbo that Jabba sport used with their manifold on the 1.8T... You might want give them a call
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    Goodbye And Thanks

    Good by and welcome back so to speak... The B7 with a remap should be just fine.. great car A
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    Tax price difference on different bhp models?

    You can upset yourselves and see what any Tax rate is here Select a search : Directgov - Car fuel data, CO2 and vehicle tax tools
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    clutch on the floor - not the pedal - need some help :)

    Sounds like the Clutch Master Cylinder...
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    Car vibrates like mad

    sounds like you might have a wheel bearing collapsing.. The ESP light might be due to the wheel speed sensor no longer getting a good signal because the distance is now changing between the sensor and the trigger wheel. What ever it is sounds like you shouldn't be going very far in it. :) A
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    Am I Remapped? (data log included)

    Hi it's a Hyperboost :) They used to be imported by Milltek but they have gone their own ways. A
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    is this a miltek?

    There you go the early tips polish off :)
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    is this a miltek?

    It looks like a very old Miltek Serial number came in much later and the branding on the tips on the very old ones might not be there or have or the branding did use to polish off :) A
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    06a906108cg ecu

    06a906108cg I think that should have been a 06A 906 018CG? as mark said from that point of view it's all the same. It's also the same ECU thats found in the MK4 golf.. A
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    1k after hybrid fitting(pre-mapping)

    I suspect that the Cat effciency isn't good enough... You might find that being a sports cat it will get you through the MOT but the warm up and the effciency arn't as good as the standard one. Nick will be able to sort it out when you get the remap. As for the bracket yes you need it or all...
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    MAF Housing question

    Hi you can use larger MAF housings if you then alter the HFM table and a few others in the ECU... This is how when the larger airflow is required for the power being produced the problem is solved. Normaly the linearisation table are taken from the Calibration the larger housing was used in. If...
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    My New MTM S3,

    The front disc is a 993 turbo with a custom bell. If you want new ones you need to make sure you order the 2 piece discs or you are going to be a little upset trying to get them apart about, the best price you will get in these will be euro car parts :) with out a pic of the rears I can't tell...
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    S3 exhaust manifold

    Who said anything about this being commercial :) I'm sure with the right donation the manifold would be free :)
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    S3 exhaust manifold

    I was looking around the house today and tripped over this..... Never raced or rallyed and only one careful lady owner from new etc... Let me know :) A
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    AMD Diverter Valve Service Kits??

    Good luck with the hunt. If you have no luck PM me :)
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    AMD Diverter Valve Service Kits??

    But the red ones were crap :)