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  1. RGC

    Help Please Audi A4 B6 Quattro 3.0 V6 Rear Differential

    Does anyone know if i can get a newer diff code for my vehicle as the installed one is noisy due to wear or maybe oil loss, were there any recalls or diff codes to avoid? My diff code is ETS see picture attached for my vehicle details thanks in advance.
  2. RGC

    Can't find the front crash sensor seat leon mk2

    Hi all been trying to locate the front airbag crash sensor on a 2006 seat leon mk2, I have checked online and it shows it to be down near the front lights or behind the grill near the bonnet catch but it is no where to be found, could some on shed some light on this problem as it's very...
  3. RGC

    Airbags deployment due to minor bump

    Hi looking for some information on resetting airbags after a small bump, I guess I will have to replace the dash as it's damaged from the airbag and the belts have become unusable as they were not buckled so are stuck solid, I see airbag sets.on eBay Inc dash belts and steering wheel bag and...
  4. RGC

    3.0TDI V6 Auto Trans - 2 Faults Found

    Today my automatic transmission on my 2006 A4 went into limp mode showing 2 faults below: 001924 - Shift Monitoring P0784 - 000 - 4-5 Shift Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01110000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault...
  5. RGC

    Slight hesitation while accelerating in second gear

    As the title says hoping its not the gearbox 1999 A8 2.8 APR EBX,while acceleration softly in second and the revs come to about 2300 the engine hesitates for a second and the revs drop around 100rpm then start back climing again steady ?!any ideas much appreciated Richy
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    Hi all i am going to change my split boot on my a3 in a few days and was wondering if any one has any tips and tricks to getting the hub off the CV joint, I was looking at it today and it looks like the easy way will be un-doing the lower bolts and pulling the hub from the joint. I have had 2...
  7. RGC

    Strange noise after fitting Milltek sport exhaust

    i have had a full turbo back Milltek sport exhaust fitted (non res) and i have a strange noise when accelerating around 2000rpm, the only way i can explain the sound is a screeching type of noise like a dodgy brake sound screeeeeech! (but cant be because I'm not braking) :) is this the...
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    I'm getting the full milltek for my a3 but I'm worried i will get over-boost problems as i did when i fitted the full system to my 1.9 TDI golf, This included the large downpipe which removed the particle filter, should i go for the full load or just go cat back? help much appreciated thanks
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    Hello everybody I have for sale my BBS CH alloys, "Sorry if I'm posting on the wrong forum" I have owned these wheels for 3 weeks and have only covered just over 50 miles, they are still in the same condition as when i fitted them. at the moment they are on my 2004 a3 but will be...
  10. RGC

    2.0 tdi diesel fuel filter change procedure

    does any one know of the procedure to change the filter element on this fuel filter type (see photo below)
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    As per title, is it possible to reset the DSG memory as to re-learn it to a new driving style?
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    Hi all I have a knock noise when starting and stopping my engine on my Audi a3 2.0 tdi dsg, nothing much but a couple when the engine is moving more than it should, could this be the engine mounts worn or maybe the exhaust mounts gone? Rich :uhm:
  13. RGC

    52mm GAUGE POD Where To Fit?

    just wondering if anyone has fitted a 52mm gauge any place in there A3 8P? where is the best place ?? pillar pod ? dash mount ? any pictures would be great Thanks :blink:
  14. RGC

    17075 - Fan 1 Control Circuit: Short to GND

    Hi today i turned on my Air con for its monthly run and lo and behold i have got the dreaded ECON light not turning off, i have looked through the forum and cant find the same 3 faults together, i have checked the fuses and all are fine this time, i say this time because a few month ago i...
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    Hello already i have turned on auto locks which is cool and tried to get my a3 to beep on alarm activation but it doesn't seem to want to but hey my golf does it so that will do me lol any other cool stuff i can do???
  16. RGC

    2004 A3 Rear Lights - RUBBER BUNG - Part number?

    When changing my rear lights over on my 2004 A3 to face lift ones somehow god only knows i managed to push both rubber bungs into my inner wing!! jeez,,, so now I'm looking for the part number for them? Thanks in advance :footy: Richy
  17. RGC

    Unable to log into the module (46) !!

    Today I've been trying to activate the auto locking and lock/unlock beeps on my 2004 a3, However, I have been unable to log into the module (46) and hence make any adaptations. the only modules i can access are 1 & 2 engine & gearbox :keule: on my 99 golf i can access all the modules so it...
  18. RGC

    Clock & Date Resetting Itself!

    every few weeks my clock in my a3 decides to lose the time and date,:keule: just today i parked her up and returned a hour later to find on driving i look down and my clock says 0:29 and the date was showing 05.12.08,, thats 2 days out.. this has happened about 3 times now,, its got me...
  19. RGC

    A3 Model 8P Facelift Tail Lights

    any one know if these Facelift Tail Lights will fit a 2004 a3? see pic below :idea: thanks
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    Hi,, well i have a leak on my 2.0 TDi radiator,,, small leak nothing major just a small patch of coolant under the car when morning comes, was wondering if it would be OK to use a fix additive to the coolant to sort it? radweld or something similar...