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  1. Ro55

    Goodbye :(

    Id like to thank you all,its been a pleasure meeting a few people ill never forget and will always stay in touch,you know who you are. Ive sold my baby.mrs wants a new car so she gets what she wants.ill be back hopefully with a toy. most likely a b5 bi-turbo. we will see. I have alot of bits...
  2. Ro55

    VCDS help asap

    Not used my VCDS in a while,but i remember it asking me to update a while ago.which i did. last night the engine light came on so i need to scan it i connect the lead.plug in laptop ect. Comes up i need to test and save...because of the update i take says test ok/complete but i...
  3. Ro55

    Rear Diff removal

    As above anyone done it? I want to replace weeping seals,and dont fancy removing the springs dangling the subframe and struggling underneath it. Id rather remove it and do it properly.
  4. Ro55

    Looking for fitter west midlands

    Im looking for some to activate my DIS ON MY A4 B6 2003 if price is good ill have cruise control aswel Thanks
  5. Ro55

    Parking sensors rear

    Hi i have an avant and id like to locate the box/ecu brain for the sensors,before i go ripping it apart, does anyone have any idears to where it could be. I have no switches it beeps once to say its ON activated by reverse gear. Sounds like cobra,but just want to be sure. I know its not near...
  6. Ro55

    3HR TYRE blows out!?

    Just had 2 michellin sport pilot3.on the back. Visits my parents round the corner,collects the kids and mrs on way home motorway slip road left one blows.proper peed off. Thing is,is the fitter at fault? It did feel strange,thought he might inflated it different to the others,was going to check...
  7. Ro55

    1,9tdi airbox

    Going in for a service i cleans the airfilter to find this. What is the padding? is it a sound deadener? some of mine is missing.has anyone removed it all? Any airbox mods?
  8. Ro55

    Quattro tyre wear

    Ive noticed my rear left tyre is worn badly,as though the tyres over inflated 4-5mm on edges bald in the middle. im running 30psi allround if anything id expect a little edge wear. Or is it just a quattro thing? Tyre is a continental 3 or something.swapping the rears for some michellin...
  9. Ro55

    B5 Looking to buy

    Im looking to buy a RS4 as a weekend toy/project. What to look out for and peoples experiences with them good and bad please. Any common issues to look out for? Thanks
  10. Ro55

    Suspension Re-new

    Ive just bought the MEYLE HD front kit,and was wandering if i need to buy anything else or,tips ect. Ive ordered my B5 perches from tps. Ive also been spraying wd40 on the pinch bolts for a few weeks. Im on 98k. Any input much appreciated!!
  11. Ro55

    Front control arm set help.

    Im in need at a new front end suspension refresh. I am looking at the MEYLE HD kit but they list 2 kits Also where can i purchase from.ebay are only selling the cab setup. Cheers
  12. Ro55


    HATE people who advertise stuff then sell it through PM outside of ebay,us genuine bidders are left hanging!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! DAM YOU!
  13. Ro55

    Photoshop please!

    Id like some wheels but im unsure on what,could someone help me out and photoshop some on please. Id quite like to see Pro race 1.2 graphite and silver. genuine audi speedlines both 18s WCI CC10 Please and thank you!
  14. Ro55

    New tyres

    Ive just had 4 new tyres,and straight away noticed very strange reactions to the cars handling, dangerous infact. Ive done some digging and new tyres need a "scrubbing in" period like wearing them in. ive never noticed this before as ive only bought in pairs. but 4 new tyres is very scary...ive...
  15. Ro55

    Tempsender Lifespan?

    When i first got the car back in february,first thing i noticed was temp inbetween 50-90. so i replaced with a genuine sender. Tonight its back inbetween... But 4 months old its failed? i checked on VCDS was showing 68.9 so thats after a good 40 mile drive at 60mph in 25 degrees heat. Am i...
  16. Ro55

    s4 lower grill

    Has anyone managed a s4 lower in the sport/GMBH front bumper? Any pointers please.
  17. Ro55

    B6 S4 avus centre caps

    Hi ive recently purchased some s4 wheels and in the middle of refurbing them myself. im missing the audi rings in 3 of the centre caps...i was thinking of just orering a set and stealing the rings from them...and was hoping someones done it before and could point me in the right direction. Thanks
  18. Ro55

    Rear Differential help

    Im looking for a rear diff,i know i need a EUB diff but all i can find on ebay is part ones with part numbers. How can i be sure i have the correct one,when im searching? Thanks
  19. Ro55

    RNS-E which one?

    Dont shoot me for this but im abit miffed...ive read most how to's DIY's ect ect but some and the most popular ones seem to say i need a certain RNS-E this right? of course it has to be from an A4 because of the shape...but if i bought one from USA or Germany would they still work...
  20. Ro55

    Gearbox mount!!!

    Just been quoted £84+ for the mount/bush they said its because they dont sell it without the bracket? I did say i dont need the bracket and was pretty sure they are both separate parts that carry different part numbers? Am i right? And is the price right? Swear ive seen them on ebay £30