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  1. Gill ZB

    North east Audi owners club

    Went to my first meet today :relaxed: - nice people nice Audis :relaxed: anyone in the north east looking for advice and fellow Audi pals should join :relaxed:
  2. Gill ZB

    I've been to the £1 shop again!!!

    cant beat the £1 shops for auto bits - got some turtle wax wash and wax shampoo, really good quality chamois leathers, MF mitt, tyre shine (as good as expensive gear) interior handy wipes, and these really snazzy stainless steel valve caps - mine has the black plastic ones but replaced with...
  3. Gill ZB

    Pics of your first car

    ok - so who has pics of their first car?! Some of us older dudes didn't have mobile phones to take pics with historical footage obtained by 'proper ' and disposable cameras (remember those dodgy things?! ) is hard to come by's my contribution ....dodgy 80s fashions and a Datsun...
  4. Gill ZB

    Seriously Likeable?!!

    I have a trophy on the forum for being seriously likeable :relaxed:!! Please would someone inform my 'hopefully not for much longer' boss and the 50+ companies I've applied for jobs with !! And all the people who don't like me - that I don't know about and don't want to !! :tearsofjoy: Lol
  5. Gill ZB

    Under the bonnet

    Spent a lovely day with my handsome better half - and he looks awesome again (after much birdy poo removal!!) cleaned paintwork and trim under the bonnet today - can't have been done for years ! Thought the dealer did all that .....hmmmm....after my experience I'm not surprised! Recommendations...
  6. Gill ZB

    Sunday clean and polish

    Another Sunday afternoon with my better half :hearteyes:...he looks stunning if I do say so myself lol! Cleaned paintwork and trim under bonnet and all the bits:kissingclosed::kissingheart::kissingclosed: no one sees but are just as important :grin:..tried that wet look tyre stuff for first time...
  7. Gill ZB

    Aldi Car accessories Sunday 8thMay

    Aldi Are having a "car accessories" special this Sunday - I had a look online and nothing I fancied, but some of you guys out there might find something of use ......although the Spider-Man headphones were pretty cool ....if I was 40 years younger :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:haha!!!
  8. Gill ZB

    Cheap interior cleaner

    Got a tin of this the other week - can't remember from the £1 shop or B&M Bargains - but it's great!!! It shifted scuff marks on the back of a seat that nothing else had shifted and cleaned all the interior surfaces brilliantly - oh and I tried it on exterior trim and it did a great job ! I...
  9. Gill ZB

    Car cover - advice sought

    I know I've asked about this before and they weren't recommended but I really need a cover to protect my TT from bird poo (I like birds and feed them lol!) and if I'm having to leave him home alone I don't want him being eyed up ! I've seen a Sakura cover in Argos that has great reviews - but...
  10. Gill ZB

    Time to look for a new job!! mega rant !!

    beyond angry!!! Was told today after just one week of being "on the books" that I had a choice of a lift in the company van or to use my TT for a 76 mile return journey with no mileage claim ! I'm on not a great wage so I needed the 25p a mile ! I As work has 'slowed down" they won't pay my...
  11. Gill ZB

    Digital radio installation

    Has anyone had a digital radio installed? If so, any recommendations re price and fitter, does it work or does the signal drop whilst on the move? Also do you lose the CD player? I want to be able to get absolute 80s all the time haha! Any advice welcome :relaxed:, thanks
  12. Gill ZB

    Decent garage/valeting on Teesside

    finally after 2 weeks had a look under the bonnet of my beloved TT- omg !!! This looks nothing like my cortina/escort/fiat!!! I'm going to need somewhere decent to look after this baby!!! I was also Angry about state of the engine - I didn't expect the dealer to polish under the bonnet but there...
  13. Gill ZB

    cleaning "alcantara"?

    my TT has part leather and that suede type material - alcantara- what's the best way to look after it? Obviously leather cleaner for leather - but would I use upholstery cleaner or just brush the alcantara? And what exactly is it made from? Not that the interior is dirty - it's immaculate but I...
  14. Gill ZB

    stereotypical Audi driver article See above !! Not sure if I've posted this correctly as don't know how to post links - but came across this article online - made me laugh !!! Anyone out there fall into any of these categories ?!!I fitted into 3 of them...
  15. Gill ZB

    Gap insurance

    just want to thank everyone who gave me advice on gap insurance - I was sold something i didn't understand that wasn't required by someone making a commission. Thanks to the help from forum members I got my money back ....thankyou ....happy days :blackrs4::relaxed:!!!
  16. Gill ZB

    TT spare tyre??

    is it common practice for a main dealer to sell a used Audi with no spare tyre in boot? A friend told me that cars no longer have spare tyres and should have been supplied with a foam or liquid that allows tyre to be mended enough to get to nearest garage ... There also appear to be tools...
  17. Gill ZB

    Just washed and polished on Sunday

    Sorry Sandra - don't know how to post my pics in the special pic area - so please could you let me know how to lol- sorry to ask you to move these to right area - love my TT more every day :blackrs4::hearteyes::hearteyes:x
  18. Gill ZB

    Personal number plate query

    I know I'm a nightmare newbie to keep asking questions - and probably posting in the wrong place (sorry Sandra!:relaxed:) but my TT was sold to me with a personal number plate (I didn't ask for it - it came with the Audi) - but the salesman then told me after I had paid that it may have to go...
  19. Gill ZB

    Passenger airbag alert

    today I noticed when I put ignition on that a light came up saying 'passenger airbag disabled" (or something similar ) I only got my TT last thurs so am not familiar with alerts etc- is this normal or have I pressed something I shouldn't by mistake??
  20. Gill ZB

    Photos of my TT TDi 2.0 Quattro

    sorry if Ive posted these in the wrong place Sandra - couldn't find how to put them in the photo sticky thread lol - not a clue what that is?!:tearsofjoy: Sorry also if I've already posted these pics - I put them on Facebook but don't know if they're on here - sorry to be a pain - head still in...