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  1. Andy1608

    nilfisk snow foam lance

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has the snow foam lance for the nilfisk and if so where did you get it from? Looking to buy one
  2. Andy1608

    wishing audi good bye

    I've been and gone before so who knows lol but getting rid of the A3 on Tuesday. Was looking for an avant but they are too much money for what I was looking for so gone for a Kia Cee'd SW, not everyone's taste I know but brilliant to drive and so practical as an estate, more importantly half...
  3. Andy1608

    Looking Monday to maybe make the move from A3

    Good afternoon all, currently driving a 2013 A3 but going to look at the car below Monday. anyone recognise the car or can offer some advise on what to look for.
  4. Andy1608

    Top Gear Whingers

    Is it just me or is anyone else get bored of seeing people whinge about Top Gear on this site. If you don't like the programme just don't watch it. There is other options on TV or the Internet to watch car reviewing.
  5. Andy1608

    cold weather driving muppets

    Ok my little rant for today and every cold early morning I've been on the road. yes its cold so yes continue to please take care when driving but that's no excuse to drive at 30-40mph on a 60mph road. These people really infuriate me so much, there is more chance of someone driving behind them...
  6. Andy1608

    1.6TDI warranty work

    Morning all. So got get 1.6 TDI s-line, done roughly 16k miles. Was going through screen wash like I had shares in it so booked it in for warranty as presumed it was leaking, have PCP so asked them to service it at the same time cause due in 80 days anyway. Received a audicam message to show me...
  7. Andy1608

    Grass Cutting/strimming

    I don't have a problem with this normally how ever when you've worked a night shift I'm not a fan of it one little bit. This guy is definitely not on my Christmas card list right now.
  8. Andy1608

    Night Shift

    Anyone else in the unfortunate position to be working a 12 hour night shift?
  9. Andy1608

    audi boy racers

    Just read the news that boy racers in an RS3 AND S3 have caused an accident which had killed a young couple. Really hope they aren't members on the website. RIP to the young couple. Thoughts and prayers with the families
  10. Andy1608

    Random MMI screen/radio fault

    Hi everyone Random fault happened today. MMI screen shut it's self away in the dash, no button would make it come out again, could still control it through the steering wheel. Stopped the car, got out and locked it but the radio carried on playing so unlocked the car, turned the engine back...
  11. Andy1608

    key fob range

    Hey everyone, Has anyone else got a crazy long key fob range? Yesterday me and the other half were out and had to stop somewhere as I needed the loo. Found a M&S, she went for a look round whilst I went to drop the kids off. She rings me half way through and says she waiting outside so I said...
  12. Andy1608

    text message from York Audi

    Just had a text message from York Audi - SPRING SERVICE: Includes a full air conditioning service, 29 point check, mini valet and oil top up all for just £65. Text VIP SPRING to 80010 for more info. Not sure if it's only for York Audi but someone on here may make use of it.
  13. Andy1608

    Annoying intermittent rattle

    So I got the 1.6TDI about 3 weeks ago and it's had an annoying intermittent rattle on idle just behind the bulk head, was only doing it intermittent but had my car booked in today at audi, been diagnosed as AC pipes rubbing together. Not sure if a clip has got weak and snapped, can't see it in a...
  14. Andy1608

    is it wrong?

    Is it wrong to wish your audi happy valentines days before your partner?
  15. Andy1608

    massive downgrade

    Well only had the S3 a couple of months but I've decided to downgrade down to a new shape A3 1.6TDI. I know this is a massive downgrade power wise but that's what I want, really loved the S3 but the fuel consumption is shockingly bad, don't get me wrong I knew it would be but hopefully looking...
  16. Andy1608

    13 plate 1.6TDI

    Hello everyone Anyone currently driving the 1.6TDI new a3 and if so what's it like? Thinking about chopping my S3 in for one, got offered a good deal and the S3 running costs are too much for what I want to be honest. Thanks for any information Andy
  17. Andy1608

    spare 10th minutes...MUST WATCH 918 spyder, what a car that really is. It's epic. If you've got a spare 10 mi uses watch the whole video
  18. Andy1608


    Anyone else watch superbowl, what an epic show it always is with great entertainment too. Superbowl really knows how to put on a show, bet the atmosphere was epic there. Seahawks were awesome, manning wasn't so awesome unfortunately.
  19. Andy1608

    Best pressure washer to buy?

    Looking at buying a new pressure washer. what do people recommend as a good one to get or decent value for money? Obviously I know it boils down to budget but don't want to spend any more than £200 really. Any info or recommendation thanks
  20. Andy1608

    Thinking the Green Goblin needs a remap

    Which do I go for? Only looking to go stage 1 for now though. Just had a quick look at revo which seems good. I'm presuming same results from stage 1 whoever does the map