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  1. audi doodey

    post wash wax for nano grey?

    Hi mate you could try a high alkaline shampoo maybe garage therapy decon shampoo
  2. audi doodey

    Any detailers north east

    Hi mate there's a guy in Hartlepool called Shaun Butler he owns North East Car Care. He ceramic coated my A6 a few years ago now.I can highly recommend him.
  3. audi doodey

    Dipstick needed

    Hi everyone would anyone know where i can get an engine oil dipstick fo my Audi A6 1.9 tdi ultra 2013-2018. I have tried the parts finder on this site but my V.I.N. number could not be found. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. audi doodey

    Allroad Diffuser

    Hi guys I tried to click on the link but was warned off by a trojan alert by malwarebytes .
  5. audi doodey

    Mirror glass came unstuck.

    Hi all, for a while now my near side wing mirror has been vibrating slightly,so i did the right thing and ignored it. To my cost 2 weeks ago it fell off and smashed,i ordered a new glass but have no clue how to re attach it. The mirror is heated,so i wonder what i can use to stick it back on...
  6. audi doodey

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Hi mate sorry for the delay in replying. I bought the sponge from cost £31.99. I've read on detailing world that some folks are using B and Q grout sponges,these are a lot cheaper and seem to do a good job,the choice is yours. Cheers mate
  7. audi doodey

    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    Hi guys ive been a lurker for a while. I have an A6 ultra black edition on a 64 plate that has cquartz on it and recently i bought some ONR wash and the Big Red sponge. i've used it once up to now and it is amazing,it does a decent job and gets rid of the need to get all the gear...
  8. audi doodey

    newbie from scotland

    Welcome to the forum mate,from a fellow black A6 ultra owner
  9. audi doodey

    First post in 7 years!

    Welcome aboard mate.
  10. audi doodey


    Hi all I have a 64 plate A6 TDI Ultra saloon and need to buy two tyres shortly, the car has Bridgestone Potenza Soo1 fitted at the moment. Can anybody recommend a replacement,they need to be all season tyres,quiet,and 255 35 20 in size Cheers guys
  11. audi doodey

    Hello From London

    Gorgeous looking car. I hope you get your problems sorted out. Enjoy
  12. audi doodey

    Newbie from Milton Keynes

    Very nice indeed i bet you can't wait?
  13. audi doodey

    Hello from N.Ireland

    Welcome aboard.
  14. audi doodey

    incident support vehicles

    evenin all whilst driving in and around Cleveland i notice a fair few vans carrying the livery of the Highways Authority, and are called incident support vehicles does anyone have an insight into what they do i.e ANPR, revenue (car tax),speed cameras. or are they surveying after an accident...
  15. audi doodey

    fitting hid's. Remove your bumper ?

    hi all have taken the plunge and now have an upgrade set of hid's. i have spoken to two garages, one of which service my car, and they both say the bumper needs to be removed when fitting this kit, thats around two hours labour:wtf: none of you seem to mention this when fitting your kits,so...
  16. audi doodey

    Xenon Kit A4 Avant question

    hi all just in case youre not aware "woorlord" has taken some comparison pics of various headlamp bulbs. the pics are in this thread somewhere :icon_thumright:
  17. audi doodey

    Xenon Kit A4 Avant question

    hi woorlord. would you mind telling me please, is the price of 4.99 for one bulb or two ? . would you also know if you can use these for front foglights ? thank you.
  18. audi doodey


    cheers "QJ" thank you for the reply, as yet i havent tried to ring them. if i dont get a difinitive answer here i will give them a tinkle.:thumbsup:
  19. audi doodey


    hi all i have been following the threads regarding the hid kit from hids-direct and have e-mailed them three times now using the comments screen on there web site. i have not had a reply yet and have decided to try to get my question answered here. my car is an Audi a4 1.9tdi 4 door saloon on...
  20. audi doodey

    airbag light

    hi all a week ago my airbag light came on,so i took it to my local independant and he said they cleaned something and reset something else and it should be fine. well yesterday some mutant pulls out in front of me sound i use my horn and what do you know the kin airbag light has come on again...