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  1. yargnat

    Faulty Thermostats

    Hah - My waterpump failed while I was taking the S4 to have the gearbox looked over. They have just fitted a new gear DSG gearbox, to cure the problem (pullaway very jerky when in stop-start traffic for a long time), and I was also informed they changed the thermostat. Starting to regret...
  2. yargnat

    Im I doing Correct Buy?

    Your on an Audi forum, so most people are gonna prefer Audi! I have an S4 and a 3 series (330D). I prefer the BMW for 11 months and 3 weeks, then prefer the Audi when it snows..............
  3. yargnat

    Waterpump faulty

    My tickover is lumpy, but problem is more that after sitting in stop start traffic for around 1/2 hour, when pulling away, the car jumps about as if I had poor clutch control, or it was about to stall, but since mine is DSG............
  4. yargnat

    RS4 Alloys

    I had a vibration issue once with a BMW 5 series - started at 70mph. I had the tyres balanced a different places, all the usual suspects, and at BMW - all made no difference. Finally after doing some research on the web, I discovered that not all balancing machines are created equal, and there...
  5. yargnat

    Waterpump faulty

    Yesterday, the engine coolant warning came on, and required 1.5 litres to fill back to max. So, driving to Audi this morning for a pre-arranged visit to look at a different issue (problems when sitting in traffic for some time), the engine coolant warning comes on again (around 2 miles) I...
  6. yargnat

    S4 Tyre Pressures and other wheel related questions

    Hi All, Lost my car manual, and my door sticker only shows the pressures for the 245/40/18 wheels, so this is why I'm asking such a numpty question. Could someone please let me know what the correct tyre pressures should be for the RS4 style wheel with 255/35/19 tyres. I bought these off...
  7. yargnat

    Electric Rear Sunblind

    anyone here got a rattly electric rear sunblind which rattles when it is in the down position?
  8. yargnat

    Thinking about an S4....

    Interestingly, I currently have n S4 with sports diff, and a BMW 3 series (E90) 330D. We sold the A3 (8P) when I bought the S4. Both are good cars, however, ultimatly, I prefer the BMW. Reason being, when I drive the S4 fast, I do feel removed from the action. Steering feel is poor...
  9. yargnat

    New S4 - Cold Start

    Yeah, I've noticed the first start takes longer, but as everything is cold, I don't think it's something to worry about.
  10. yargnat

    wheel size on S4

    thanks for having a go Phil.
  11. yargnat

    wheel size on S4

    It's stamped on the back of the wheel - below is a picture:
  12. yargnat

    wheel size on S4

    Anyone out there with 19" wheels on an S4, can you confirm what the exact wheel size and offset is which is supplied by the factory? Thanks
  13. yargnat

    Fuel figures S4

    personally, I think it'll be hard to hit audi's mpg figures, as I think they test on a rolling road, so there are no factors such as wind, or traffic! If I can get 250 miles out of a tank, then I am happy. So far, have managed 240, which was around 20mpg. Only just 1000 miles in my S4 too.
  14. yargnat

    Fuel figures S4

    1st tank - 17.7mpg 2nd tank - 20.1mpg Probably 60% A road, 40% motorway, and a few WOT on the second tank, to see what it could do.
  15. yargnat

    My 2010 Sprint Blue S4

    Really nice car - agree with you regarding the colour, it's much nicer in the flesh. just don't scare yourself now by going to "webuyanycar" to see what it's worth..............don't do it - really!!! :sadlike:
  16. yargnat

    S4 arrives on the 18th

    I can't imagine an auto-dipping mirror would invalidate warranty, but you never know I guess. Of the changes made so far, the oil temp is the most useful. Takes longer to warm up than you might think - a good 5-10 minutes after the coolant has come up to temperature.
  17. yargnat

    S4 arrives on the 18th

    For vagcom, it's pretty simple, just connect it, and select the appropriate control module, then change the correct "bit". The software guides you through it. The hard part is getting hold of the cable to make the changes. It's expensive to buy - around 300 pounds if I remember correctly. I...
  18. yargnat

    S4 arrives on the 18th

    Dipping mirror works fine.
  19. yargnat

    S4 arrives on the 18th

    There are all kinds of settings in the hidden menu, but I'm too scared to change them!! As for the oil temp, and dipping mirror, you just need a vagcom cable (which I happen to have) and the settings are on different forums - I found them on Audizine. Will test out the mirror dipping this...
  20. yargnat

    S4 arrives on the 18th

    Fine so far, only really driven it back from the dealer - about 60 miles. Sat in it, and made vagcom changes - LED's stay on with indicators, emergency flashing brake lights, lap timer and oil temp, hidden menu enabled. Will probably see if I can get the passenger mirror dipping when reversing...