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  1. BakPak

    A4 2.4 cab cat

    Hello everyone, I've been offered a low mileage A4 cab with the 2.4 engine but the cat has been stolen from it. My question is please, which cat can I fit to replace it? Thanks Mark.
  2. BakPak

    VCDS wont connect

    Hi everyone I needed to clear the airbag light so after charging the laptop and waiting for millions of updates VCDS just won't connect to the Audi . Any ideas please? Thanks.
  3. BakPak

    Auxiliary heater

    Hello everyone, Just a quick question regarding my 3.0tdi quattro please. I'm waiting for a new heater matrix to arrive from ECP to improve heat in the cockpit. In the meantime I turned my attention to the electric auxiliary heater which has never put out any warm air. So just asking is there a...
  4. BakPak

    3.0tdi ASB thermostat

    Hi everyone and sorry for a boring question. Can someone recommend a good priced thermostat for my 3.0tdi ASB please. I've seen a few on ebay and Autodoc but which one? Thanks Mark.
  5. BakPak

    Bonnet paint or wrap

    The paintwork on the bonnet is cracked and looking awful. The rest of the car is very rough so I was thinking just wrap the bonnet?
  6. BakPak

    Tyre cut

    Just wondering if this tyre will fail mot? Please don't pay too much attention to the paintwork lol!
  7. BakPak

    Coolant Leak

    The dreaded slow coolant leak started 2 months ago when the temp symbol was flashing. The level was about 20mm below the min line. I topped the level to just above the min. Anyway you know the story, I'm now doing this every 2 weeks. The coolant is clear pink and the oil is clean. No leaks I can...
  8. BakPak

    2nd key fob

    I disconnected the negative lead for an overnight charge and in the morning I had to reset the key fob I always use. No bother, easy to do. I dug out my 2nd fob and I just cannot seem to configure it to the car. I have put a new battery in and the red led flashes. The key works fine in the door...
  9. BakPak

    Coolant temp sensor location

    Can someone confirm the location of the coolant temp sensor please. 2006 3.0tdi ASB. Thanks Mark.
  10. BakPak

    Charging the Audi

    Is it ok to connect a battery charger to the battery with negative and positive leads still attached? I have heard that the negative lead only should be disconnected?
  11. BakPak

    Decent rattle cans

    Hello everyone as title suggests I'm looking to tart up a few bits of paintwork. Can anyone recommend cheap but good rattle cans for phantom black and obviously a good cheap lacquer. Thanks Mark.
  12. BakPak

    Lockdown with the Audi

    Sooo bored I'm cleaning the under side of the bonnet.
  13. BakPak

    Indicator problem

    Hello everyone I trust you are all well. Getting a tad bored so time to fix a few things on the Audi. The indicators don't always switch off as the steering wheel is turned. I've seen on ebay the 3 stalk cluster, is this what I need to replace or is there a separate part? Many thanks Mark.
  14. BakPak

    Power steering fluid

    Afternoon all can someone please tell which power steering fluid is suitable for my 3.0tdi Quattro and quantity. Thanks Mark.
  15. BakPak

    Parking the shades

    Where to land the sunglasses. Single DIN so loads of space, has anyone fitted a neat holder for the very important shades?
  16. BakPak

    Pollen filter cover

    Is it normal that the exterior cover forms a seal against the filter? I keep smelling fumes and this is a poor seal. I must be missing something for the pollen filter.
  17. BakPak

    3.0tdi ASB heater plugs

    Hi chaps Does anyone have experience of replacing the heater plugs on the 3.0tdi ASB engine please? The car has done 142k so assuming the worst that they might have never been changed I guess they could be a nightmare to remove! Also any advice on the best ones to get too please. Thanks in...
  18. BakPak


    Oh joy the dreaded damp Audi.
  19. BakPak

    Clean engine or spray it with WD40?

    All the engine problems seem to be sorted now so it's squeaky clean under the bonnet, no more diesel smell. Would you leave it like the picture or spray something on? WD40?
  20. BakPak

    Front brakes chattering

    There is an annoying chattering going on at the front. Everything has been changed regarding suspension and arms, drop links etc. My local mechanic checked things out yesterday and the pads are basically chattering around. He suggested trying some new pads but do you guys think that would fix it...