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  1. Jsimba

    RS6 style alloys

    This artist impression of the next gen RS3 has made me think the RS6 style wheels look pretty damn good on it... I'm quite tempted and I've seen a few alloys in this style available on eBay etc. Has anyone gone for anything similar on their own car?
  2. Jsimba

    Exhaust paint flaking

    Hi folks, has anyone actually had any luck in getting Audi to repair the flaky paintwork on the inner surface of the exhaust tips? Mine have started to peel (12 months old, still under warranty) and I'd like to think this should be something Audi would fix... has anyone managed to get them to...
  3. Jsimba

    Wheel clinking and whirring, no torque

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help me with a couple of issues that have cropped up on my RS3 which I picked up in Jan at 90 miles on the clock (late 2019 model) from Audi Approved. In the last couple of weeks I've been getting a loud metal "clink" noise when turning left to almost full-lock, the...