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  1. Aky

    My new ride

    Haven't posted on here for a while so I thought I'd share photo's of my new motor. Its a 55plate 330cd M Sport with 32,000 miles. Obviously the usual refinements but has the following options on it: Heated black leather Sat Nav with Digital freeview Harmon Kardon hifi. I'm loving the car...
  2. Aky

    Well its finally gone

    Well its time to say good bye after 20 months of ownership. Its new owner came to pick up the S3 this morning and gave me a nice bankers draft for the privelege. The S3 has been awesome after a few thousand quid spent on it but was worth every penny. Its gone for a new life in Ireland. Now...
  3. Aky

    New exhaust anyone?

    Looks like it could be quite loud!!
  4. Aky

    Fuel Gauge issues

    :sos: :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos: :sos::sos::sos::sos::sos::sos: :sos::sos::sos: I've had this issue a few times over the last couple of weeks and really don't trust how much fuel the DIS is claiming I have left in the tank. I put £40 in last Thursday and Saturday morning the DIS was...
  5. Aky

    Another S3 for sale (reduced)

    Sorry - had to do it!! Think its sold to a good friend but if anyone wants to buy before August contact me.
  6. Aky

    Car for sale.

    Now on Pistonheads.......Tell your friends!!
  7. Aky

    P/X Price

    Right lads - just been to a garage to look at P/Xing my car and they offered me £9000. :blackrs4:2002 Black S3 225bhp with 56k on the clock in immaculate condition. I think I'm 3rd owner and it has full service history. Don't think it has any extras! (tight b*stard who purchased it brand...
  8. Aky

    Cheap Ferodo DS2500

    Just bought a set from Motorsportworld - £98.98 including VAT and £7.50 delivery (this is for the Brembo system) Seems a decent price. Hopefully should recieve over next couple of days. Just thought I'd share this with...
  9. Aky

    Mobil1 0w 40

    Theres 11 litres for sale on Ebay and I only really need 5-6 litres. Anyone want 5 litres for about £30 delivered? I currently use it but need a service in the next couple of months which will be about 5 litres if memory serves me right.
  10. Aky

    tyre choices

    Right lads - I need some new tyres for the rear of my motor. I bought some Pirelli P zero all round and for some reason the rears have worn out slightly faster than the fronts. They've worn out relatively even which suggests I don't need tie bars or does it because they've worn so fast...
  11. Aky

    CC Phase 1 and a new N75?

    I'm assuming the S3 came out of the factory with an N75H valve but thinking of maybe changing. Has anyone changed their N75 on an S3 once they've had their motor remaped. I'm thinking of changing mine and wondered will it make any difference or will it put it into limp mode. I suppose I should...
  12. Aky

    Rolling Road Saturday 8th March

    Well its getting close and there seems to be a few people dropping out, which in all fairness I did expect to happen. As we've recently got a few new members especially A3/S3 owners is there anyone interested in putting their car on the Rolling Road at Awesome GTI? Its the first AS.NET...
  13. Aky

    Brembo GT pads wear rate

    Jumped in my car today and the brake pad sensor light came on the dash. I only got some new pads definately no more than 10,000 miles ago. I haven't had chance to look at them because its dark and wet but wondered if 10k was about right. So roughly what mileage are you guys getting out of a...
  14. Aky

    Rolling Road Session - Awesome GTI

    ****AWESOME'S FIRST AS.NET RR DAY*** **BOOKED FOR 8th MARCH** Looking to do a rolling road session at Awesome in Feb/March. We have 2 dates so please Vote on which date you prefer. Only register if interested please. We've had this up in the A3/S3 Section however I'd like to welcome all...
  15. Aky

    19" BBS CH - how much they worth?

    Seasons Greetings all! I've got the opportunity to buy a set of BBS CH's in mint condition with 2 newish tyres and 2 which need replacing soon. How much do you think they are worth? I really have no idea - So how much would you pay? May just buy and pass on if anyone is interested?
  16. Aky

    Alternative to adjustable rear tie bars???

    Instead of getting adjustable rear tie bars would these work on OEM tie bars? Seems a lot cheaper than £300. You can get the kit for about £100 and probably fit within an hour. Anyone interested? A lowered TT/R32 will have too much rear camber; left unchanged can lead to premature inner...
  17. Aky

    Coilpacks on the way out?

    When I start the car for the first time especially on a cold morning I have problems firing the car up. It starts on 3 cylinders and normally takes a couple of blasts of the accelerator. Well this morning it sounded like this for about 20 seconds. Kept sounding like it was starting on 3...
  18. Aky

    Performance Haldex

    I've managed to source a band new unit for £400. Does anyone own one on here? What are they like? Will my car oversteer a lot more? I've done a quick search and can't find a lot of info on them. Any info is really appreciated. Matt
  19. Aky

    Eibach springs - pics included

    Finally managed to get my car into Awesome on Thursday for them to have a look at the Koni FSD's as the ride height had been raised by approx 20mm. They agreed that it wasn't supposed to raise the car by 20mm and fitted some eibach pro-kit springs. The handling has transformed again. The...
  20. Aky

    Exhaust centre section

    I'm thinking of getting rid of the OEM centre section with the silencer and squashed piece of exhasut for a straight thru peice of pipe connected to the OEM rear rear silencer. Would this be ok or could the S3 suffer from power loss? Thinking of going for a custom piece of pipework a...