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    Amazon prices

    Has anyone else noticed that Amazon prices are not as... let’s say they might be? This has always been the case but it just seems a little more the case and makes me check a little more. For the last few weeks I have noticed that I can buy things cheaper direct from companies. Don’t get me...
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    Forum upgrade

    can you send me a link to an example :)
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    Forum upgrade

    OK I have had a little play and removed some of the padding.. Let me know what you think.. I am getting complaints from google about there not being enough space between thing for mobile so we might have to look for a different solution. I'll also have a look for a machine that has a low res...
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    Forum upgrade

    What's wrong with you, my laptop has 2 x 4k screens!!! :p I'll have to find another machine to have a play and see what I can do :) or maybe everyone needs a 4K screen. :)
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    Forum upgrade

    Ok this is how some of us see the site.. It would seem that we need to find away to have it set at 75% of screen. I'm guessing that the reduce by75% was really reduce by 25% :) so it shows 75%.
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    Forum upgrade

    Would be good to see screen shot :) I work on a 4K screen that make things look small so it quite hard to always tell what others are seeing... Thanks for the help and the feedback
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    Discount codes for Black Friday that might be of use

    Don't worry this isn't spam I just thought it might help..... Fashion & Beauty Scentbird During November 21st-29th link to mens and womens 1 month for free offer. Readers should pay for the 1st month and second comes for free. This campaign has seen fantastic results so far! Spring Be sure...
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    Discount Codes - that might be of use

    Fashion & Beauty Hush Flash sale from the Thursday 28th April until the Monday 2nd May with up to 75% off on selected items from the Spring range! La Redoute La Redoute 50% off Mid Season Sale & La Redoute Home Event - up to 40% off (Valid until 5th May) Kurt Geiger 25% Off Full Price...
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    Please sign this petition

    Boy offensive will you find me asking you to sign a petition about things that aren't to do with something to do with cars. Here is the exception to the rule. The Met Police have come up with the crazy idea of using Eagles to bring down Drones. As the petition says this is crazy. Please add...
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    Glove Image

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    Hope this maintenance !!!

    As posted on the home page there was an update to the site to day. We have moved to a new server today to speed things up.... If you find any problems please let me know.. Many thanks Adam
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    Discounts for November 2015

    Just to help with the cost of life to treat yourselves.... Homebase The latest fantastic offers, all running until 20th November: Buy 1, get 2nd 1/2 price Crown coloured emulsion Only £10 Crown 5L Pure Brilliant White 2 for £22 Home of Colour 2.5L standard coloured emulsion 2 for £30 Home of...
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    20% Off Ebay Code

    Here is a very rare 20% off code from eBay UK for you to give your readers. The code is only live until 10 p.m., so get that post up! The code is: CUKFLASH There are only 6 hours for shoppers to take advantage of. It'll be perfect timing for last minute Halloween costumes or decorations...
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    Rate your Audi Dealer

    We have added a new feature to the site that allows you to rate your dealer. The tab at the top of the screen says Dealer Reviews or click the image below. You will also see new widgets on the side bar that show you the latest reviews by the members. Hope you enjoy this new feature ..
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    £11,000 2011 RS6

    Ok this guy has taken the whole Audi BBQ to a whole new level.... Not sure I'd be spending £11,000 on it, and where are you going to put the shrimps? Anyone coming to...
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    one or two people :)
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    Jetskis are dead

    If like me you have enjoyed playing with stand up jetskis but felt they were a little on the heavy cumbersome side, there is now a solution..... I want one :)
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    Win a pair of tickets to Goodwood Festival of Speed (Sunday 28th)

    If you would like to win a pair of tickets cortusey of Audi UK your luck is in. We have been given a pair of tickets to give away that include a picnic lunch for Sunday the 28th of June. If you would like to enter follow the link below...
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    Word Association Game .. . . .

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    New law for the new year

    As Christmas wraps up and we move towards another year there are some interesting changes coming to your rights. Have you ever baught a car and had something go wrong? Not been happy when the problem isn't fixed the first time and wished you had bought a different car? Well the changes to the...