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  1. crypric23

    New shape A3

    May be old news to some people , but thought i would post it , as its what i have been waiting for. 2011 S3 for me please ! The car will be built on the same platform as today’s Golf and feature a MacPherson strut type suspension up front and a four link set up in the rear. Under the...
  2. crypric23

    What is all this?

    Today i picked up a flat bottom steering wheel , i was also offered the control module for the multi function. One : How much does a control module cost from Audi ? ( roughly ) As you can see from the pics when i went to pick up the steering wheel and control module i was handed this ...
  3. crypric23

    Worst experience ever.

    I know this is not really A3/ S3 related ( well a little ) , but this is where i know the most people, and i only sold my S3 3 weeks ago. As said sold the S3 2 weeks a go , new baby new car Q5 as many of you know. Was up until 2 am with the baby feeding , went to bed passed baby to wife ...
  4. crypric23

    S3 side skirts question and answer.

    I was asked the following in a PM , thought best to add it as a thread so we can all see / comment etc.. drnutta ASKED Just some questions really with regards to what you said earlier regarding the S3 side skirts. Can you please explain a bit more? Also can you still use your Sline...
  5. crypric23

    TTS air vents for sale

    This just shows that nobody reads the classified ! I have had a set for sale for over a week
  6. crypric23

    Sat nav for sale

    It's my 2008 genuine chrome button RNS-E with genuine 07 map dvd and arial. Screen is mint no marks. still has 2 months warranty , not that you will need it as these work horses do what they say on the tin ! Warranty with they charge £ 650 for the chrome button...
  7. crypric23

    Forgotten to remove the the dvd and my SD cards.

    As the title says , i have removed my RNS-E in a rush as i sold the car. Of course i have forgotten to remove the the dvd and my SD cards. Is there away of getting them out ? I do not have access to an Audi that i could use as a doner
  8. crypric23

    Removing SD cards and DVD with no power ?

    As the title says , i have removed my RNS-E in a rush as i sold the car. Of course i have forgotten to remove the the dvd and my SD cards. Is there away of getting them out ? I do not have access to an Audi that i could use as a doner.
  9. crypric23

    NO led number plate LED bulbs work in 09 S3

    No led number plate bulbs work in 09 S3, Matt and have tried the following. Used original LED bulbs that worked 100 % in my 2008 Although they worked in my 2008 car and still work in...
  10. crypric23

    RNSE - Bose issues

    Hi. Just put my sat nav in the new car , which has Bose ,previous one did not. I am getting some vag-com errors to do with the front speakers , forgot to copy the report. ( Doh ) I am aware that some times you have to do some tweaks with the pins on the block to do with aftermarket...
  11. crypric23

    Need to swap steering wheel today !

    any one in manchester that can do it today?
  12. crypric23

    Mobile telephone preparation – Bluetooth interface

    Does the above title mean there is no shark fin on the roof ? If so will that effect adding Rns-e , aftermarket ? "Mobile telephone preparation – Bluetooth interface. Provides handsfree connection via Bluetooth using mobile phone aerial. Please contact your Audi Centre for phone compatibility...
  13. crypric23

    It's got to go by Wednesday !

    It was at £ 21995 If some one wants it for £ 18.500 before wednesday , then you will get a ridicules bargain , as i am getting 18k from Audi , i guess that is why we call them the stealers ! Auto trader it would go for £ 21000 with out any extras , i will leave the sat nav , wheels ...
  14. crypric23

    Cheap wheels and tyres needed

    As the title says 18 inch only , with decent tyres. Reps are fine Rs4 perfect ! Rs6 maybe !
  15. crypric23

    Car finance question

    I have no idea where to post this, I have 10k finance on my car which i am about to part ex with audi. Can you simply transfer the finance to the new car ? I have never had finance before so i have no idea. its with Barclays partner finance , taken through autoquake ( car...
  16. crypric23

    Somebody is going to get something rather special

    My car is going ! Can't seem to get it on the classfied here yet but am trying.
  17. crypric23

    Any one have Two-tone Silk Nappa leather, Silver/Black ZB/ZA

    As the title says , any pics or owners ? Thanks in advance. Two-tone Silk Nappa leather, Silver/Black ZB/ZA
  18. crypric23

    S3 Bucket seats Recaro inc full S3 interior !

    So yes i have a full set of S3 Bucket seats Recaro inc full S3 interior ! From 2008 S3 I bought theses yesterday and intended to put them strait in my car , but we have our first baby due in less than Two weeks. I am truly totally gutted i have to sell them , and can assure you if...
  19. crypric23

    What does PCD 112 mm mean?

    I am selling some wheels and they have asked me if they are. PCD 112 mm They are these one : How can i find out if they are ?
  20. crypric23

    Opinions on these please?

    Firstly i have looked through most of the threads. I do not have xeon lights. I do want to go down the full xeon conversion , washers blah blah. But i am considering HID, Opinions on theses please...