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    audi spring colour clarification?

    These are def fronts with those markings
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    Genuine Grill and Bonnet Badges in Black?

    Out of interest.. I'm looking to get hold of a set of standard chrome fromt and rear audi badges if anyone has there's available??
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    audi spring colour clarification?

    Folks, Just looking to see if anyone can identify the springs I have in my A3 currently as I think it sits a touch high up front. They are genuine audi springs with 4 colour spots Red - White - pink/violet - pink/violet My car is a 2.0 TDI sport and I wonder if they are springs for a 3.2 or...
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    Front wiper motor differences - Compatibility?

    For anyone looking for an answer. I used a later style wiper motor and linkage. It bolted in perfectly and plugged in. Works fine. The only modification I needed was to strip the wiring loom tape around three inches to allow it to plug into the opposite side of the motor.
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    RearConsole bushes(front wishbone)

    Not very easily. Took me less than an hour with a jack for both sides Wheels off, three bolts at back off. Master bar to pull wishbone down and hammer old one off, push new one on and bolt it all baxk up
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    Front wiper motor differences - Compatibility?

    Anyone got an answer for this folks?? It's one I could do with finding out. The early ones are difficult to find!
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    Contact ap direct and ask if they will supply a new bush or can refurb your original shock?
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    Audi a3 2.0 tdi sport brake discs sizes so confused!

    My early tdi sport had 140mm rear discs...
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    Audi a3 2ltr tdi rear caliper advice needed !!

    Id be looking to replace that caliper.. Lets face it.. if its that hard to force back in.. Its not going to pop back out easily to operate the brakes or handbrake...
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    Gearbox removal guide

    For everyones benefit I finally got round to replacing flywheel, clutch and slave cylinder today. Appears to be an easy job ignoring the weight of the box and jiggery pokery to get it back on. I also got a bargain from carparts4less, euro car parts sister company. Sachs dual mass flywheel...
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    Gearbox removal guide

    Unsure on gearbox but its a BKD engine if that helps. 6 speed manual box
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    Gearbox removal guide

    Guys, Im about to change clutch and flywheel on my 2004 A3 2.0 tdi however Im struggling to find a decent guide anywhere. Ive replaced clutches before so not overly worried, its just nice to see it having been replaced before and know where to look for hidden bolts etc. Can anyone point me...
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    is it Possible to check for mileage with vcds

    It probably is but Im unsure how to do it. A good way of checking if mileage is genuine is to fire the Reg and V5 document reference number into the DVLA mot site. It will then bring up every MOT the car has had and you can follow the mileages up. Obv if it suddenly drops its been clocked...
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    STEERING ISSUE!!!! Help please

    Its either the knuckle or the rack.. Id have thought on a ramp with full access it would be fairly easy to spot if someones in the car shaking the steering?
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    headlights useless

    How did you repair the reflector?
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    Can anyone tell me what this does?

    No, It would make the brakes weaker than normal if it was leaking..
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    Its easy enough to get the stat out without removing the alternator HOWEVER buy a new dip stick tube. Because its brittle plastic they snap very easily and its only £1.30 or so for a new tube..
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    mayo but no coolant loss

    What about the dip stick holder being cracked??
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    Service Indicator and Vagcom

    Thanks for the heads up guys. As it turns out adaption blocks 05, 06 and 07and 08 need changed. 05 is for the oil service, it needs reset to the number of thousand kilometres till the next one 06 is for the in1 service in miles ( again in thousands of kilometres) 07 is for the in1 service in...