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    S3 back to 335d

    It was a hard decision for me to sell my old remapped 335d and go back to an S3 but I did it in September and have been trying to get used to the S3 ever since! I like the S3 but miss the awesome, instant torque of the 335d and placed an order for a new one last Friday. Anyone wanting to...
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    Giac remap rev limit

    Does the giac remap work well with the stronic bearing in mind the remap is designed to rev to over 7000rpm but the stronic automatically changes up before then? OI am going to talk to startled about this but owners experiences would be great.
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    S3 remap clutch issues?

    Are there any possible clutch issues with stronic if the car is remapped, thinking of giac? Is the stronic liable to less issues bearing in mind it has 2 clutches?
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    S3 Stronic Query

    I have a 2009 S3 Stronic and wonder if anyone else with this combination has experienced the following. When accelerating from rest the car seems to have a pause until the revs reach around 2200rpm when the car then accelerates strongly. Its almost as though either the clutch packs are...
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    Remapped s tronic issue

    I went in a mates remapped s tronic s3 and found there was a long delay between putting your foot on the throttle and the car actually accelerating. Has anyone else experienced this. Also the extra power seemed quite high up the rev range rather than torquey low down grunt - is this typical...
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    Dbilas Air Intake

    Anyone used one of these or got any thoughts? I want a better air intake but dont want an open filter system. Plan the GIAC remap too and Steve at Stattler recommended the Dbilas.
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    Running New Car In

    The handbook says 1500 miles. What are your thoughts, its done 750 now but its getting painful holding it back!
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    Remap Dilemma

    Ok so I know there are probably loads of posts on this but I am confused, who do I use to remap my 2009 S3 Stronic: GIAC REVO Superchips Any advice would be welcomed.
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    Forge Valve

    Is it recomemnded to install the Forge valve as a replacement for the OE Audi valve on a 2009 car with the revised Audi valve which is being remapped? Also is there any louder turbo/wastegate noise from the Forge valve?
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    Panel Filter

    Anyone recommend (or otherwise!) a decent replacement panle filter for the S3?
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    19" wheels

    If anyone has upgraded to these with 225/35/19 tyres did you notice a difference in the cars performance due to slightly increased rolling radius? Also what ET is recommended for 19"? What is the ET of the standard 18" wheels?
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    Wheel Spacers

    Is it ok to use non hubcentric spacers or am I asking for trouble?
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    BMC CDA Intake Systems

    Anyone tried one of these on an 8P S3 and if so are they any good?
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    Does the 2009 S3 Stronic have hill hold as standard or an extra?
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    Stereo Lights

    The stereo lights on my 2005 TT V6 do not come on unless I push the stereo face panel in which case they light up and stay on but the next time I start the car i have to do the same again or the lights not not come on. Any ideas of a fix? If it needs replacing is it possible to fit an...
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    19" wheels rolling radius

    Is there a way to upgrade the 8P S3 from the standard 18" wheels to 19" wheels but keeping the rolling radius of the wheels/tyres the same to retain standard gearing?
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    Removing door panels

    Is this an easy job and does anyone have a link as to how to do it?
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    Front Quattro Badge

    Has anyone found a quattro badge that fits nicely to the front grille of an S3?
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    2009 S3

    Should the S3 have a flashing alarm light when locked and should it beep when set?
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    S3 Upgrades

    I am going to Bluefin my S3 and think it would be a good idea to upgrade to the Forge diverter and panel filter. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which filter is best? Also, I would ideally like the rear wheels to fill the arches a little more and am thinking of fitting spacers. The...