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    Plastic cover/mudguard for control arm part nr

    Does somebody know the part nr for parts 35,36 and 37 from this diagram? I can find these part on different catalogs but no part numbers,we have had quite some snow this winter and control arms collect it ontop of...
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    Forged pistons 4032

    Has anybody expirience with 4032 alloy pistons? I have read alot of 4032 vs 2618 so i mostly know the pros and cons of each alloy on paper but would like to hear some real world exp. Main goal would be longetivity street/highway driving 600-1000 km a week and many cold starts a day even with...
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    S3 Sachs SRE clutch plate

    Hello, i am a new proud owner of a S3 2000 APY and doing some research. I found plenty of posts regarding sachs sre disk with oem plate. In the near future i am looking at replacing the pressure bearing and it makes sence to renew everything in there when the gearbox is out. But i would like to...