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    Colour code-ing factory skirts.

    Bought a bodykit the other day online, but its arrived and its basically not what i was after so im going to cut my losses and sell it on ebay. Anyways, i went to the sprayers yesterday to see about colour codeing, they told me it wouldnt really be a problem spraying the front and rear...
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    Cost of bodykit spraying and fitting?

    Hello! Havent posted on here for a while. I know most of you will think im ruining my a3 fitting this bodykit, (i probably am but... ahh well!) Just wondered how much i would be expected to pay for the following. *Front bumper sprayed & fitted (already primed) *Rear bumper apron...
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    Gear stick 1999 A3?

    Would this gear gator/knob/surround fit a 1999 A3 1.9 TDI? Need a new gear knob etc to repace my crappy moulded one!
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    SPEAKER UPGRADE.........

    Ive got a 1999 A3 TDI sport, with the standard audi stereo system. 2 x front door speakers & tweeters. 2 x rear door speakers. 1 x audi sub in boot. Ive had a Sony MP3 XPLOD unit installed, but the trouble is, the audi speakers aint up to much anymore, and are crap at handling bass...
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    Funny ketamine video.
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    XBOX 360 - £149.99 - Including Delivery! are selling the XBOX 360 core system for £149.99 including delivery. Theres no excuses not to own one now! Especially since you can puck up the 20gb HD on ebay for around £40. PS3 £425 Wii £175 XBOX 360 £150 * Xbox has better graphics capabilities then the other 2 *...
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    Had my XBOX 360 nearly a year now, and really wanted a HD tv bot simply couldnt afford one so have been playing my XBOX 360 through my standard TV with scart TV. The other day though i thought id look into buying a monitor display for my XBOX 360 so went for 1 19" CIBOX widescreen monitor...
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    RS6 18" REPLICA ALLOYS ON A 1999 A3

    Just wondered if these would fit my 1999 a3? 8jx18" ET35 OFFSET 5x112 STUD PATTERN On the website for the wheels it says the following... but doesnt mention the A3! HERE'S A LIST OF VEHICLE'S THEY WILL FIT Audi Model Year PCD Offset Bore 100/200 90 to 94 5x112 30 to...
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    A3 Replacement speakers

    My 1999 A3 is in desperate need of new speakers after killing them for the last year with a mix of electronic dirty funky house, basslines & heavy metal! Ive upgraded my head unit to a sony XPLOD one and just need to know the sizes of each speaker needed to upgrade. I havent got the BOSE...
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    Whats going on with my turbo?!

    Got a 1999 TDI and the boost seemed to dissapear for most of the summer, only occasionally returning for about 5 mins. However, when i got in my car this morning it was much colder and usual & was greeted with the red water/temp light, and the cars boost seems to have returned (for now?!)...
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    After a A3 TDI? one chipped to 200BHP on eBay.

    Heres the link.
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    Desperate ebay sale! :P

    Look at this guy trying to sell his A3! Look at all the comments hes made to the bottom of the advert!
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    Beetle sport gear knob on 1999 A3

    Looking to update my gear knob, gator & surround with this beetle sport gear knob. The one in the photo is a 6 speed, but they also do 5 speed. Just wondered if it would be the same fitting on the Audi as the VW Beetle? I think it looks pretty smart (well better than my rev 1 plastic...
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    A3 Grille types.

    Looking to get a new grille for my 1999 A3 Some guy is selling one but states its for 1996 - 2003, i was under the impression that from 2000 onwards the grille was a slightly different shape? could someone just confirm if its the same shape from 96-03? The grille he is selling is taken...
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    Changing lights, key?

    Ive got a pair of facelift lights for my A3 getting delivered this week. Ive popped the bonnet up & seems that it needs a starshape key? is this just something i can buy from a local hardware store? Or am i looking at the totally wrong park & just needs a normal screwdriver?!
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    Angel Eyes.

    Ok i know there not to most peoples tastes! but the lights on my rev 1 A3 look crap & im looking to update em with direct replacements, i cant be ***** getting the rev 2 lights to fit so am tempted to get the angel eyes. Most of em on ebay look really crap, and cant find any other online...
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    Audi A3 Glovebox Question.

    Ive got a bit of a problem with my A3s glovebox. Both arms have snapped off (1 of them remains in the actual unit) so now i have a big space where my glovebox door should be and it looks a *******! Ive tried getting the broken arm out of the unit with pliers but with no success! the only...
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    Tidy A3 on ebay

    Just looking on ebay again & theres quite a nice looking A3 on there with S3 interior & decent sound system. Heres the link
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    A3 1.9 TDI - Boost Problems

    Wonder if anyone can help me with this problem. The car is a 1999 1.9 TDI (110bhp) and done quite a few miles 159k! The car was sluggish when i first bought it last year & so got a new MAFF fitted & was running really well, quite suprised how nippy a diesel could be actually, after owning...
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    A3 Bodykit, has anyone seen this one before?

    Just looking on ebay for some sideskirts for my A3 & came across this bodykit. Anyone seen it before?