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    Error codes

    Just had my car plugged into a diagnostic machione and it brought up the codes p1570,p0188 and 16502,can anyone tell me what they mean ??
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    Oil switch

    My oil temp guage has stopped and about once every 2 weeks the oil warning light beeps and flashed for a few second although the car is not low on oil.Does the car use the same switch to control both or are they separate anmd where about would they be located on the engine ??
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    Ive just been given an iphone and could do with some advice regarding it,i think its the original type (8gb) but how do i tell (it has a silver metal back with a black plastic section at the bottom),it currently on O2 but i would liker to use it on vodaphone so is unlocking it possible,in the...
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    Fuel gauge

    Still trying to see if ive got the needle on it the correct place,so does the needle at 1/4 at the computer saying 100 miles sound right ??
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    Fuel guage

    I had to remove the needle on the fuel guage and am now not sure what position should it be at when the trip computer is saying 35miles left ??
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    Silver or carbon dash/door trim

    I know its down to personal opinion but i cant make my mind up between the carbon trim i already have fitted or the silver trims (s4/1.8tqs)that came with my new interior.So what do you guys recon ,i know carbon fibre is carbon fibre end of ,but the silver does break up the dark gloomy...
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    Seat wiring

    Ive just bought some new seats and they have the 3 pin plugs for the airbags (mine has 2),i know the extra wire is an earth but im not sure where to connect it to ??. My car also has a red plug with one brown wire could i connect the airbag earth to this and what is the red plug for anyway...
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    anyone got a spare lower door trim ??

    I'm after an O/S front lower door trim off an S4 if anyone got a spare for sale ??
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    Window switch housings

    The new interior i'm buying has electric window switches in the rear door cards and 4 on the drivers door,so how easy is it to swap the switch housings over from my door panels as my car only has electric front windows and manual rears.
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    Seat airbag plugs

    Ive been offered a black leather interior out of a facelift car,and just wanted to check im getting my facts right about fitment before buying it.My Rear seat has the later peg type catch which is the presume is the same as the facelift car,and are the airbags 3 wires rather than my 2 and is the...
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    Faulty xbox 360

    My xbox 360 (elite) has developed a fault,it no longer displays any picture,the sound is fine, all the lights flash as they should do and other than no picture everything else seems to work.Has anyone else come across this fault and is it fixable for a reasonable cost ??
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    Leather door cards wanted

    Has anyone got any black leather door cards for sale,a set/pairs or single one's will do so i can make a set up.
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    Spring height

    I'm going to try and sell my standard springs on ebay off my 1.8Tsport and to get the advert correct i would like to know how much lower these would be compared to standard non sport models ??
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    Problem with my laptop

    The battery went flat and it turned off without being shut down properly and now when you start it up it has the screen with "start windows normally/safe mode/prompt" etc but no matter which mode its started in all that happens is it start's up/display on screen as expected but all you end up...
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    S4 instrument/clocks needles

    How do you remove the needles off the dials,they appear to just pull off put seem very tight and i dont want to break anything !!
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    Rear seat back wanted

    Anyone got a rear seat back in black leather for sale 3 headrest split type or can swap for a 2 headrest/split type and i could possibly do with some door cards as well.
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    I have just got some S4 clocks(98/98),they physically fit my car and all the plugs are the same and everything functions apart from the obvious the car wont start,i was just going to swap the faces/needles onto my old clocks but it would put the speedo out by about 5mph so How and where do i go...
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    Avant / saloon rear seats

    Ive tried to seach on this but cant find a definate answer,what i want to know is will the rear seat from a 99(pre facelift) saloon with split folding fit a 98.5 avant fitted with split folding rear seat.The 98 car has the pin type catch (like a door catch) but im not sure about the 99...
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    17" wheels for sale !!

    Originally off a 2004 A4 convertible and were on my 1996 A4 1.8T sport till i scrapped it and have been used on my 1998 A4 as well. Rims are all in good condition and not buckled in any way.1 rim is mint, 2 rim near mint,3 rim was mint but fell on its face in the garage,4 rim again fell over and...
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    17" wheels for sale ...soon !!

    I still have the wheels off my old a4 1.8T sport that i scrapped,they are curently on my other car while i get my wheels refurbed which should be done in 2 weeks so they will be avalible then and just wondered if anyone was interested in them.They are 5 spokes originally off a 2004 a4...