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  1. James TQ

    Help needed please slight problem a3 1.8t

    money on it being a lambda sensor in the exhaust, i had the same problems, if the sensor is gone it cant get the exact reading so over/ under fuels
  2. James TQ

    key fob not working after battery replaced

    i replaced the batterys in my key fob a few weeks back and since then the lock/unlock button dosent work, i have to unlock the door with the key and start it as normal, i dont have a spare so i cant follow the ' one key in door one it ignition process' can anyone help me out please?
  3. James TQ

    Clutch and dmf for a3 quattro

    so i can buy a s3/tt clutch and dual mass fly wheel? do i need a new speedo sensor is it a must? if the clutch says s3 6sp it will fit the a3 quatt? thanks pal
  4. James TQ

    fans on but needle isnt at the top and hot hard pipes

    whats a CTs may i ask? the inlet manifold is only warm to touch, i never use the aircon and the fan were on for 10 seconds or so after the ignition is off, the tem sometimes hits 90 but normally sits around 80 ish
  5. James TQ

    Clutch and dmf for a3 quattro

    Looking into a stage 2 map in the near future. My clutch isn't slipping at the moment but I want it done before the map, Is an s3 clutch the same as a 5spd a3 quattro? I'm struggling to find a clutch and dmf for the quattro can anyone recommend some product or retailers, thanks
  6. James TQ

    fans on but needle isnt at the top and hot hard pipes

    Sorry looking at the dials now it was sitting at about 80 not 120... I think they come on when I stop, is the just due to no air being drawn it so the fans assist? The needle has never exceeded 90
  7. James TQ

    fans on but needle isnt at the top and hot hard pipes

    after a drive last night a pulled up outside my house and my fans were on, the needle was udner 120 so i dont see why the fans are on, the hard pipes going from the fmic to the turbo were also hot is this normal or do i have faulty guages/sensors, car has a front mount and is un mapped thanks
  8. James TQ

    T reg mk4 golf recaros fit straight into my 99 a3?

    as the title really, friend is shifting his recaro interior from a mk4 golf and was wondering if they will fit straight into my 99 a3 quattro? any advice will be appreciated, thanks
  9. James TQ

    speedo goes up in notches

  10. James TQ


    i have a decat and standard back box, little bit more noise nothing major, had to replace the lambda but it was on the was out anyway so it will be ok
  11. James TQ

    speedo goes up in notches

    i recently had the clocks out and may of knocked the needle, when i get above 30mph if the speed is picking up fast, the needle moves like a second hand on a clock. any advice? thanks
  12. James TQ

    Fit cupholders to pre facelift without any Mods!!!

    is there a part number? seems like people have been asking for 9 years, i have pre facelift interior and the only cup holders are on the glove box lid that are really shallow and hold nothing stable!
  13. James TQ

    Charcoal canister sounds like a trumpet...

    Recently I have been getting a slight humming noise when driving when the wheels slightly turned, looked under the bonnet after I got home to check the power steering was tipped up it is... The charcoal canister was playing a tune when I put my finger on the tiny hole it stopped and when you...
  14. James TQ

    Ahhh FFs......clutch pedal snapped!

    i put an allen key throught the pedal for a few days, drove fine untill i got a new one
  15. James TQ

    Brake bleed fail... No brakes

    Also when I turn the car off and pump the pedal it goes hard straight away!
  16. James TQ

    Brake bleed fail... No brakes

    Ok so I got the easy bleed done them all again and the mc, brakes are better but when the car is running the pedals travel is further then normal brakes are gods but should be much better any advice? Going to take it some where Tuesday any ideas though please?
  17. James TQ

    Brake mc comparability

    Hi guys the part I need is 1j2614019 as I think my brake mc has gone, does it have to be that exact part number or can it be from another 1.8t with non esp? Thanks
  18. James TQ

    Strange noise when reversing

    i change my rear pads and disks on the weekend and the rear calipers were seized so its worth a check
  19. James TQ

    Brake bleed fail... No brakes

    will any mk4 platform MC fit or do i have to get a direct one?