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  1. Daniel Gorton

    Resonator delete opinions??

    Been looking at getting a resonator delete for my s1 as it seems like the cheapest exhaust mod that will offer decent sound improvements. Has anyone here had this done? And if yes, what are the pros/cons? Ideally would like to keep my warranty if that is possible as well.
  2. Daniel Gorton

    Cheapest exhaust mods?

    Im getting to the stage now where I fancy a little more noise from the exhaust, but at the moment can't really afford to spend hundreds/up to a thousand+ on a full exhaust fit. Are there any cheap (MOT passing) mods that could give me a better noise. Some pops and bangs wouldn't go amiss...
  3. Daniel Gorton

    Retrofit cruise control??

    Is it possible to get the cruise control fitted and if yes how much is it going to cost?? Doing a lot of motorway miles and regret not getting it fitted originally.
  4. Daniel Gorton

    What dashcam are people using?

    I've had a few close calls recently and all of them have been other drivers putting me at risk. Being 19 with such a fast car people will automatically assume that any accident will be my fault, so I'm looking for a dashcam that's decent quality but not too expensive preferably under £100. If...
  5. Daniel Gorton

    Want to get a remap but not void warranty

    Hi, looking at getting a stage 1 remap in the next few weeks. Preferably one that doesn't force me into a clutch replacement. But I really want one that won't void the warranty, is there one that will do That?? The tdi tuning one is a good balance between power and clutch abuse but will It void...
  6. Daniel Gorton

    S1 air intake box mod?

    I was on the s1 facebook group and someone mentioned something about removing something plastic from the standard air box. Didn't really say anything else about it. Does anyone know anything more about it and whether it's safe and does it give you a better intake noise? I can't really do any...
  7. Daniel Gorton

    My new S1!

    So after a lot of waiting and a couple of delays I finally took delivery of my 2016 audi s1. I'll sort pictures out in the next day or two as I haven't had chance to get some decent shots yet. But first impressions I'm in love. The way it sticks to the road as your flinging it round corners or...
  8. Daniel Gorton

    Finally taking delivery on the 9th!

    After over a months waiting since the car left the factory I've finally had an email confirming delivery for Monday the 9th Jan. 5 days! Can't believe it. I'll be sure to post photos up once I've got it Needless to say I'm super excited and can't wait for next Monday!
  9. Daniel Gorton

    How to get status number?

    Sorry just a quick question. Got an email of lease company this morning saying last they heard car is at status 38 and 2-3 weeks away and someone told me that meant it was awaiting shipment at the port. But that could be old info so I'd like to keep track of it Can I check somehow on the tracker...
  10. Daniel Gorton

    Dealers estimated delivery seems too long

    I've been tracking my s1 now for over a week after I finally managed to get a tracking number from the lease company. And it went into production, a week later than originally stated, on the 28th Nov. I first tracked it about 10 days ago and it had already left ingolstadt. However yesterday I...
  11. Daniel Gorton

    Advice on engine break-in?

    I've been researching the engine break in a lot recently as I'm only a week or two away from getting my s1. Having never owned a car straight from the factory this is all new stuff for me. As it's a lease car and I'm going to be handing it back after 3 years for a brand new car, is it necessary...
  12. Daniel Gorton

    Time from build date to delivery?

    Almost in the home straight now! Build date is week 47 (21st nov) and I was told by the dealer that they'd hope to get it delivered by christmas. What are people's experiences of wait times between build and delivery? And what could be considered an optimistic but possible early delivery date...
  13. Daniel Gorton

    Anyone got a picture of S1 interior at night?

    I'm just curious to see how the interior of the S1 looks at night, but haven't found a single photo anywhere online. If anyone's got one with or without the bose system I'd appreciate it if you could post some pics Cheers Dan
  14. Daniel Gorton

    Audi s1 ordered on lease

    BOOM! just confirmed my lease order with my local dealer for a new audi s1 sportback in sepang blue. Money was a bit tight on options so I ended up going for Bose audio - as I listen to music every drive Heated seats And satnav I'm sure the dealer threw a couple extra in but I didn't remember...
  15. Daniel Gorton

    Audi S1 5th and 6th gear pull?

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a 2016 audi S1 on lease through my business and I'm loving everything about the car but so far haven't found a garage that will let me test drive at my age. The specs are really impressive and was just interested how well the car pulls in 5th and 6th gear at low...