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    Detailing sample box - 3 - September edition

    Hey all, Back at it again for the waxybox detailing sample box - September edition. I have been in contact with them again and the previous voucher code is still valid, so if you have it, do not hesitate to use again, if you don't, please start a list and I'll send you the details. Now...
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    Insurance renewal nightmare!!

    Hey all, Having a complete nightmare with my renewal, tried 3 different companies, sky included and it just keeps getting more and more expensive. i was paying £930 tpft last year with admiral, they've now put it up to £973, phoned them up to ask why, they ran it through again and now its...
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    Poly top mount question

    Hey all, I bought a set of poly top mounts of a chap on edition38 ready for when I fit my coilovers on. I started prepping the coilovers, cleaning then up and greasing the threads properly so I don't get any future problems. But when fitting the new bearings and top mounts, I tighten the...
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    Detailing box offer 2

    Hey all, Seeing as last months waxybox offer was such a great success, I'm going to do the same again this month. The boxes will include; a Luxury 15ml Carnauba Wax, 5x 50ml Liquid / cream detailing products, accessories, gifts and more. I've had several of these in the past and the...
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    A3 rear anti roll bar help

    Hey all, I'm wanting to get my a3 to fell less of a boat and more of a B road and track blaster. Ive been looking into buying a rear anti roll bar as after reading a few topics, it seems to be, aside from coilovers, the next best mod you can do (more than happy to be corrected) Now I've been...
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    A3 8l led kit

    Hey, just wondered if you do a kit for the a3 8l? If so, what it includes and how much? many thanks ben
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    Detailing Sample box offer

    Hey all, I've been chatting to a company who sell detailing sample boxes (waxy box) who are wanting to offer us they're boxes at a discount price (amount permitting). The boxes will include; a Luxury 15ml Carnauba Wax, 5x 50ml Liquid / cream detailing products, accessories, gifts and more...
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    Few A3's from Players last weekend

    There were more there, but trigger finger had worn out by then Definately should get a few of us and organise a club stand for next year!! Rest of my pics can be found here: players2012 pictures by munch8987 - Photobucket Enjoy
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    Gauging interest - team dynamics pro race 1.2 - potential group buy

    Hey all, Ive been in contact with Rimstock, suppliers of team dynamics wheels and they are keen to get a group buy going with Audi-sport. What I am wanting from this post, is people to post up they're interest in this form: Size : 17" / 18" etc Width: 7j / 7.5j / 8j etc Offset : et Stud...
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    A3 1999 knocking front end and caliper question

    Hey all, Have had my a3 for about 6 weeks now and loving every minute of it....when I can get it back off the missus that is. Since I've had it, there has been a persistent knocking sound from the front end, it's only there when I go over bumps/pot holes/speed bumps etc and it's starting to...
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    Bit of service information please

    Hey all, I picked up an a3 8l 1.8t sport with 133k on the clock. It has full service history, Audi up to 79k, then private garage there after. It had its last service at 121k miles where the cam belt was replaced also (no receipt of water pump being done though). My question to you all is...
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    Newbie from Braintree, Essex

    Hey all, Have been a long time reader on here, but never signed up (didn't own an Audi, so no point) Anyways, last night I took the plunge and purchased an A3 1.8t sport, T registration with 136k on the clock. Full service history (up to 78k Audi, onwards private Audi specialist) full mint...