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    spacers /adapter plates S3/A3 Help!

    Could somebody either tell me the dimensions or provide me with a drawing of their adapter plates which I need to add my new 5 1/4 componets upfront in my car. I've been told the plastic autoleads one's are pants. Any help welcomed, I really want to install these this weekend!
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    Did the S3 ever come with a Quattro badge on it's rear end?

    as the title say's Did the S3 ever come with a Quattro badge on it's rear end? Mine doesn't but noticed Ade says his does.
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    How easy is it to replace the aerial on my S3?

    I need to replace the base part of my aerial as the threaded nut has worn and the rubbers are looking a little old for their age. I need to get this sorted. I know the rear reading light housing is near but just would like to know if any of you have done this in the past or have any diagrams in...
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    silver rings around your instruments

    How many of you have silver rings surrounding the instrument panel dials? I have seen quite a few pictures with these and have noticed mine does not. I have a 2001 model.
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    710N dump valve

    How many of you have upgraded to the latest OE dump valve the 710N and have you seen any difference in doing so. Where abouts is the DV located as well as I was thinking of doing this before I get my car remapped @ AMD.
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    RS4 bumper for the S3?

    OK, I love my S3 in every way but coming from a well modded BMW I find the lines of the S3 rather plain. Then I stumbled across this lovely RS4 bumper specially designed for the S3 and this has got me thinking. It looks so nice, has any of you done this upgrade or know anyone to have in the UK...
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    Best for running power cable for amp in a3

    Can somebody please tell me the best route for running a power cable from the amp to the boot for powering an amp. Thanks
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    any pictures of a noggie wearing RS6 18's

    Am thinking of going for these in the new year but would like to know if they suit the car's colour.
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    Air intake systems with chipped S3's....

    I defiantly getting my S3 chipped in the new year, one thing that I'm just not so sure on is that if the power increase means the turbo is going to pick up quicker and be sucking in more then isn't a more freely flowing air intake needed to gain maximum power and put less strain on the engine...
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    Who lives in surrey or the surrounds county's?

    I live in Wallington, Surrey. Would like to know if there are any other locals to the area. Maybe we could setup a small meet if theres enough of us. I'm also keen to do a rolling road session. I have been in touch with surrey rolling road, who can offer group...
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    ARP chip question

    Does APR offer a chip upgrade with switchable performance programmes. If so what is the common setup and how would you change between them.
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    what to look for (buying adivse)

    I'm going to look at a few S3's tomorrow and would like some information on what to look out for in terms of problems or issues with the S3. I have searched the forum and found some information on specs but not things such as engine noises, issues with turbos, what to look out for on the exausts...
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    wow Avus 5 go for about £400

    I have just been on ebay and noticed that you can get about £400 for a good set of avus 5's plus tyres. This isn;t really too far off 18" RS replicas. I think this is what i'm going to do. Do they always sell for this or is it because xmas is coming up?
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    to bose or not to bose!

    Could somebody tell me what the bose setup consists of? Does the standard setup have a sub woofer or was it only on the bose config? I'm going to look at an S3 this weekend and would like to know as much as I can before I decide to purchase, thanks
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    Advise on purchasing an S3

    Hi all, I've just sold my lovely BMW 328i sport which I had modified over the last 2.5 years and with the help of the very popular forum gained alot of knowledge about BMW's and hope to do the same with the S3 Audi. I'm new to this forum and the Audi S3 so thought I would ask...