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  1. Bobstar

    MK hose fitting problems

    Just trying to fit this hose I got from ebay It seems shorter in overall length then standard so I can't get a snug fit both ends and also the smaller side of the hose seems larger in diameter so I may have to put electrical tape around to make it a more...
  2. Bobstar

    Something that's bugging me

    This could be a silly question but from the videos and images I looked at online I can't tell. Had my S1 5 weeks now but only recently I started to notice what looks like a big dent on the rear bumper when standing back 10 feet and looking at it head on, but as I get closer and run my hands...
  3. Bobstar

    After market exhausts

    I have a new S1 on order and have been looking at exhaust options because from what I had heard on my very short test drive and videos I have seen the exhaust tone is ok but a little too tame for a real drivers hot hatch of this kind. I previously had a limited edition Vauxhall Corsa VXR which...