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  1. Morells

    Anyone know this car

    Hi guys anyone know this Black RS3 Reg EJ12 JKE
  2. Morells

    Next rs3

    The saloon is defiantly coming out my Audi sales man and his boss have both told me be after the sport back
  3. Morells

    Next rs3

    I got told by my Audi dealer not so long ago that they are making the RS3 as a 3door and a saloon and a sportback because Audi didn't think the first RS3 was going to be so much of a hit hence why they made a extra 500. And he said they want to make the new RS3 to appeal to everyone. He's...
  4. Morells

    Look at this stunning RS3

    What do you guys think of S3's with just the RS3 front bumper no RS3 badges just the bumper?
  5. Morells


    Yeah the trade in price for mums Q3 was so insulting I told them to stick it and I'll sell it privately they said now way will you be able to sell it before you collect the new car (1month at the time). They offered 21k for a 2year old Q3 which had done 10k and had every option is to me a ****...
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    That's bad that a Audi salesman said that to you as they are meant to big up every car they sell. Also it's very different to what all the magazines are saying especially EVO MAG they love the ****** thing. I'll be able to let you all know what I think once my mum/me rack up 1000 miles in her...
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    Warren your back. Have you swapped the S3 for a RS3?
  8. Morells

    New RS3 - launch in Spring 2014 and maybe 400bhp ?

    The RS3 will be a sport back and also available in the saloon I have been told should be next year sometime. I know which one I'm putting my name down for the saloon be a mini RS4 B7 can't wait.
  9. Morells

    GO KART MEET at Cerrig Y Drudion it's down the A5 . SAT NAV: LL21 0RU

    I would be interested in tagging along if that's ok with you guys? :unsure:
  10. Morells


    I'm waiting to drive mums it arrived before Xmas but she's not going to get it till the end of this month. I went to see it in the lock up and it look evil all black wheels wing mirrors black pack (might have been my idea). They have really great reviews.
  11. Morells

    The Adopted TTRS has left

    Hi guys just wanted to hear your thoughts on the RS3 grill iv fitted in my S3 thread don't worry no RS3 badges I'm not a fake RS3 wanna be well apart from the grill.
  12. Morells

    The Adopted TTRS has left

    thanks buddy I love the colour always have so maybe fate ha. Her RSQ3 is being built so should be here early next year. And just give me a message if u arrange any meets.
  13. Morells

    The Adopted TTRS has left

    thanks I really like the RS3 gang. And when MBK flew off I couldn't just let him be the only one :blush:.
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    The Adopted TTRS has left

    cheers buddy I haven't been posting been really busy but I will sort that out now and thanks for the comment I'm sure I'll see you and the guys at some meet in the future
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    The Adopted TTRS has left

    Hey guys iv sold the RS but I'm not leaving all together just over to the A3 8P section as I have got a S3 again here's the thread I sold it because I was fed up with just two seats and also...
  16. Morells

    AUDI Dealers in the UK: the GOOD and/or Incompetent...

    i can vouch for them as when I went in recently they remembered your car mark and said it was a nice car and that you did track days, they're member their customers and are real petrol heads. I went in recently because they fitted the brake recall 4k ago (they didn't have to as my 1 year Audi...
  17. Morells

    What do you lot think of this

    Ok I'm not talking about the colour I'm talking about the interior for some reason I'm in love with the interior Audi TT 2.0T FSI Quattro TTS 2dr ++UNIQUE ONE OFF EXCLUSIVE+++ 2013
  18. Morells

    Remap time :o

    check here for figures
  19. Morells

    Mini Meet - Audi RS3 & TTRS Dyno Run @ Powerstation

    Get back in from a long night shift about to go to bed and quickly look on here to see what's going on and find this lovely and great wright up. It was a great day and am looking forward to another meet and seeing all who came to this one and some new faces. Iv just noticed Mark something...