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    Le Mans

    Leaving for Le Mans tomorrow! Can't wait! Anyone else heading over?
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    De-badging an A4 Avant TDI

    [ QUOTE ] I've seen it often recommended to use a hair drying to warm it up and then use dental dental floss. [/ QUOTE ] That's exactly how I did it - worked a treat!
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    Any car insurance experts about?

    Technically, your brother cannot insure your car as he has no insurable interest in it. In the same, way, I could not insure your car or you mine. If he were to insure it, it would for all intents and purposes have to be his, so the log book etc would need to be changed to his name. What are...
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    S4 Climate Control

    Yeah, yeah, yeah......
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    S4 Climate Control

    Took it in to the dealers this morning and they couldn't fix it! I have had to book it back in and they want it for two days so they can strip the whole system down.
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    Mysterious green substance

    See my post - S4 Climate Control. My aircon failed last week. Nicely timed like yours eh? What with the current weather. Goes in on Tuesday to be fixed.
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    how old are you ??

    Uh oh, 36.
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    S4 Climate Control

    Hey don't rub it in! Called into the dealers this morning and there is an electrical fault so should be sorted next week. No doubt that will be the last we see of the sunshine.....
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    S4 Climate Control

    Thanks D S The Econ button is definately off! You are right - on checking the handbook (and double checking!)I realise Econ mode will not chill the air.Whatever I set it to though, ie on Auto with the temp on Lo it is still blowing warm air in and in fact it's considerably warmer than the...
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    S4 Climate Control

    Thanks for replying guys. I've had it set on LO and it blows warm air! Sounds like I have a technical problem - it's now booked in. At least it should be resolvable - I was concerned that the system was just no good. Only thing is they can't look at it until next week. I nearly melted in the...
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    S4 Climate Control

    Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong trying to get cold air from the climate control (4 week old S4)? I can't get anything other than slightly cool air to blow and it's 27 degrees out there! I haven't got it set to Econ. Am I being a bit dense or is that the best I can expect? My...
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    New S4

    Thanks Scotty, I intend to enjoy it. Are you pleased with your stage 3 conversion? One of the S4's I test drove had the stage 3 but because the sales guy was in the car with me, I didn't feel I could really open her up.
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    New S4

    Hello guys. I have just joined the ranks of you Audi owners, having taken delivery of an S4 sloon tiptronic last week. I have previously driven BMW's and am thoroughly enjoying the change. Bit perturbed at the comments on the gaerbox though! Not had any problems as yet although only covered 800...