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  1. Dennis Moeller

    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Hi guys. I can't remember if I posted here in the past, but here's my old 8P..
  2. Dennis Moeller

    OEM Perfection

    The color isn't one of the best imo and you need moar tint...:p
  3. Dennis Moeller

    OEM Perfection

    9/10 Nice wheel, stretch and drop!
  4. Dennis Moeller

    Pics of slammed A3's?

    Don't know if OE Audi center caps will fit? I bought the Hartmann replicas (German) from ACHtuning in the US of A. SUPERIOR quality compared to the ****** eBay Lambo rep's. ET 47 so thats perfect considering the width of 8...
  5. Dennis Moeller

    Pics of slammed A3's?

    I dunno know if you'll call this "slammed on 19's" but anyway; this is my old car lowered appr. 50mm with 19" ET47...
  6. Dennis Moeller

    RS3 spotted testing at the Nurburgring-Pics!

    I just hope they don't chicken out and make it out of the exsisting body...RS models NEEDS flared arches. "They began nicely with the S3 8L, lost their balls with the S3 8P and now they can make it even with the RS3 8P.."
  7. Dennis Moeller

    RS3 spotted testing at the Nurburgring-Pics!

    Car magazine states that the RS3 will be revealed at the 2010 Geneva Auto show...they're rarely wrong on these rumours.
  8. Dennis Moeller

    Knocking from rear suspension. Anyone ever had this?

    Yes the droplinks will wear out much faster if you lower it like this. Maybe you won't have any problems...but many, also on the GMKV have this specific problem...I had S-Line Suspension previous to the Weitec Hicon adjustable setup so dunno if there's any difference to the standard A3...
  9. Dennis Moeller

    Knocking from rear suspension. Anyone ever had this?

    I also had that sound coming from the rear. I got the rear dampers replaced under warranty (known problem - Audi Germany issued extended warranty for this) but after fitting gewinde suspension there was a new knocking sound. This time it was the droplinks...they couldn't handle beeing in that...
  10. Dennis Moeller

    Drop Links

    well Neuspeed have some. Real nice Billet aluminium. Ordered them from eurocode tuning... worked like a charm---> :rock:
  11. Dennis Moeller

    Strut housing measurement needs confirming

    I have those on my car. When I bought them I just measured the struts outside the shop. Full lock on the steering wheel - real easy. Mine is a 2004 and the diameter were 50mm...will think yours are 55mm but have a go yourself at some measuring, just be sure :laugh:
  12. Dennis Moeller

    Touching Up the Paintwork

    Clean with alcohol first. Use a toothpick, preferably one made of plastic. Apply thin layers over several days. Fill up the chip or hole so that the paint makes a slight bubble - just barely sticks out/up from the original paint. Leve to cure a couple of days. Wetsand it carefully. Apply two...
  13. Dennis Moeller

    My A3 - new mods!

    Really nice moddin' there boydie...looks stealth now with smoked headlights and black out grilles! The tinted side repeaters and foglights will complete it to a 100%. But I must agree with some of the others; loose the flaps :yes:
  14. Dennis Moeller

    New Vents

    Just ordered it from the eGay link...sweet. Thanks...
  15. Dennis Moeller

    New Vents

    Thanks Mate...both links useful!!
  16. Dennis Moeller

    New Vents

    Wow Marc...that looks ****** OEM...!! Nice cheap mod too... Do have any idea where I can purchase this paint and get it send to Norway?
  17. Dennis Moeller

    Some pis of my car at a race track

    Looking good there Wolfie... Really, really cool (and fast) S3 you have...Must have been a blast at Anderstorp!!
  18. Dennis Moeller

    Would i suit an S line A3

    You don't like the S-Line suspension? You'll loose a good amount of ride quality if you install coilovers. Especially if you go low... I had the S-Line before and quite liked the "comfort" it gave, after I installed the Weitec Hicon GT coilovers the car transformed totally. Now I really feel...
  19. Dennis Moeller

    New (yes more) plans for the car..

    Those wheels are ÜBER cool...loving them!!! Seen a guy who painted the rim in gun metal and left the "ninja star" unpainted... looked A-OK