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    Motec ultralight wheels

    Mine our 8.5 x 19 ET43. Tyres are the standard staggered ones!
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    Motec ultralight wheels

    Got the same ones on mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Espec. only for RS3+S3 developed adjustable Eibach springs

    Whats the ride like, looks like a nice drop?
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    APR Exhaust Valve Remote

    Doesn't seem to be listed for the RS3?
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    Sportback Question: Brake Disc

    Yep, I have them on mine!
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    whots the best map/tuning for my rs3

    I was really just wandering if it was just something that could be added for not to much £££ to be a bit more antisocial. Car is out of warranty end of October so not to bothered about that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    whots the best map/tuning for my rs3

    Do you have to have a remap done to have the pops and bangs added or can it just be done to a standard car (the child in me wants them)?
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    What’s the best courtasy car people have had

    Mine made a sort of creaking/squeaking noise just after i changed from 1st to 2nd then 4th down to 3rd it made the noise as i changed gear and also banged down into that gear, it was not nice! Like you local Audi were a month to book the car in with a hire car, they told me to ring roadside to...
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    What’s the best courtasy car people have had

    Its got 21k miles on it, not many at all! I haven't done many launches, maybe 5 or 6 when i first got it but rarely find somewhere to use it, i am the second owner though so don't know what it did before me! Its not the first dsg box to go tits up on us, my wifes old A3 had one go about 5...
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    What’s the best courtasy car people have had

    Mine went in for a new gearbox a couple of weeks ago and they said RS3 owners usually get an S5, i was supposed to get one but the hire company found a nail in the tyre and i ended up with a q2 !
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    Audi Paint - Colour Code

    Isn't brilliant black just a non metallic glossy black, ie just black, shouldn't this be pretty much the same as the rest of the black pack?
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    Audi Paint - Colour Code

    If you order wing mirrors, for the gloss black version it says paint them with Y9B, which is Brilliant black i think. So i guess the rest of the black bits would be the same.
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    Wheel Help....

    Would love to see a picture with the FFR1D's on as its the wheel i want!
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    Sportback Number plate bracket for shorter plate

    Oh really you don't even get the whole bracket, thats a bit of a joke really! Its a shame because its a great idea in theory!
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    Sportback Number plate bracket for shorter plate

    I am glad i've just read this, i messaged a lad in germany on instagram about these the other day for a price and was gonna order them, glad i didn't now!
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    Is this normal?

    Oh is this normal, i have had it quite a few times over the last few months. At first i thought it was just some snow foam burning off as it always tended to be when i washed it, then i thought i had a coolant leak as i had to top it up a bit, but now i am wandering if its just another RS...
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    Personal plates, check this out !

    Well its on a 3 month old Ferrari F12 TDF at the moment!
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    audi ring badge's where to buy? in black

    On Instagram search fresh_mods_uk i know they do them, I haven't used them myself as I got mine off eBay and they were fine but unfortunately the eBay user i got them off doesn't have them at the minute by the looks of it.
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    Facelift RS3 Genuine Secondary Cat Bypass Pipes

    Will these fit PFL cars?
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    2.0tfsi advice

    I am selling mine if you are interested Alex