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  1. Kris6383

    Bose plug

    hey all. Could someone tell me what wire is for what and also the colours, on the wiring loom that goes to the sub in the back quarter cheers all
  2. Kris6383

    How sad!!!!!

    Hey all, late wednesday night, some little thieving c u next Tuesday stole my wind deflectors off my car, I live in willenhall Wolverhampton (says it all) lol, what is the world coming too?
  3. Kris6383

    N249 bypass help aum

    Sorry guys and gals, you've all heard this a million times before. I know, would like to clarify i am a builder and I kno jack s#%t about cars but I'm learning, I'm baffled with this simple n249 by pass on an aum a3 1.8t, I've been following the guide on, it's the only one that sort...
  4. Kris6383

    Temperature gauge

    Hello everyone, when driving home from work yesterday I noticed my temp gauge was sitting between the 90 and 100 mark, it's happens a couple of times before, what could cause this? Cheers
  5. Kris6383

    Changing hoses

    Hey every one, can anybody please borrow me some time an tell me possibly with a labelled diagram lol, what hoses do what, and what I can change to silicone and the appropriate sizes, I've just ordered some 4mm silicone hose to start me off hopefully getting rid of my persistent boost leak...
  6. Kris6383

    De meshing maf housing

    Hey all, has anybody de meshed their maf housing? Is it worth it? Are their any gains? All replies welcome Cheers
  7. Kris6383

    Headlight adjusters

    Hey all the manual head light adjusters on my aum 1.8t are shot is it possible to fix them? If so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Kris
  8. Kris6383

    Headlight fixing kit

    Has anyone had to use these head light fixing kits from flea bay and Are they any good?
  9. Kris6383

    Throttle body alignment

    Sorry for posting this in a new thread... But would the need of a throttle body alignment throw out a fault? As after cleaning my throttle body my engine management light has come on Cheers everyone.
  10. Kris6383

    Throttle body

    Hey all I have an a3 1.8t aum, is it possible to clean throttle body without having to get it realigned? Reading a few things on the net sum say yes sum say no. Cheers
  11. Kris6383

    Dv on new Tip

    After fitting new tip on a3 1.8t aum ( which was a bit of a bas***d to thread through lol) I've noticed my dv sits a little bit higher than it was Before, is it possible to cut the branch down a bit so my engine cover fits? As I've had to take it off, Cheers
  12. Kris6383

    Changing pipes

    I'm looking to change all/ most of the pipes in the engine bay, what size do I need?ie pipes coming off the tip, as a start, has anybody got a layout labelled diagram or something with the correct diameters I need to achieve this. Many thanks and sorry for daft questions
  13. Kris6383

    Changing slam panel

    Going to be changing my slam panel in the next few days as it is f*****d, it's an a3 8l aum 1.8t is this easy to do? And does anybody have guide to do so? Cheers
  14. Kris6383

    Turbo air intake

    What's peoples thought on this specific item from flea bay? Cheers
  15. Kris6383

    Light brows/ mask

    Does anybody now if you can buy these light brows?
  16. Kris6383

    Pre face lift bumper to post facelift a3 8l

    Hey everyone, is it possible to fit pre facelift bumper to post face lift a3 8l without any issues? Cheers
  17. Kris6383

    A3 1.8t slam panel

    Hey everyone, will a pre facelift slam panel fit a post facelift slam panel on my 1.8 t 2000, all answers appreciated thanks
  18. Kris6383

    What reducer for air filter?

    Which straight coupler would I need? Can't find an 86mm to 70mm, the one I need, they only do an 80mm to 70mm or a 90mm to 70 mm what would you suggest? Thanks
  19. Kris6383

    S2000 filter on 1.8t

    I've got an s2000 air filter, but it doesn't fit on my maf housing, obviously i need an adapter/ reducer, can anybody point me in the right direction. the neck of the filter is 80mm. Thanks in advance.
  20. Kris6383

    Leads for Bose plugs

    I have an Audi a3 1.8t with a standard Audi symphony HU built in, Bose door speakers and sub in back quarter, andy mac made me some leads so I could use the existing wires to wire in an aftermarket sub does anyone know if he stil makes these. Thanks