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  1. A3_Rider

    Next model A3

    The first pic - Hyundai ?
  2. A3_Rider

    Errr you don't want to do that!!!

    I always say if you use any car wash, except a well known detail expert of course, expect swirls. I do use them, might not for a while though, otherwise start buying them clay bars and freeing up your weekends
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    Audi S3 Repair - Any advice?

    Just thought I'd update, went to see it - I tried to find faults and flaws even did VCDS scan, checked paint job (put it under light also), tested the car etc have to say I am happy, can't see any damage it is better than before, I am also relieved. Car swirls have gone also, not sure how they...
  4. A3_Rider

    Audi S3 Repair - Any advice?

    Update ... Now "safe" to drive, after 2 days given me a courtesy car (not like for like though I had to lol). Will be making an appointment to check vehicle hoping to get an assessor with me, think I should VCDS and take pics myself as worst case? The insurer is "one of the best" like top 3...
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    Audi S3 Repair - Any advice?

    Just an update, and thanks so far ... I am now told the car is now not safe to drive (as originally told) and so I cannot have it, I initially just went with the flow hence never selected my own insurer. I have the option to find my own repairer now but no one will take it because it has been...
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    Audi S3 Repair - Any advice?

    My car was in an accident (not my fault) and went for repair, insurers own repairer. Been a couple of months now and when I chased it up they offered to give it back partially repaired until they can repair the remainder. The repairer deemed it not safe to drive but the insurer decided it was...
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    Diesel in my S3

    There was another thread a long time ago, his new S3 got curbed really bad, wasn't much of an explanation! I only let my Mrs drive when I am also in the drivers seat. Then again, here is her pic:
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    Snazzy/Festive looking new Forum makeover....

    I laughed so hard when I watched that bit yesterday, aaah Bill! I don't like the changes.:blue:
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    stolen s3

    Sad stuff. If you did have higher security perhaps they'd have tooled up and waited for you one evening. The only trauma now is a bit of intrusion and a claim form. Very horrible feeling, sorry to hear it!
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    S3 first service issue and advice please.

    When I got the S3 the sales guy said if you don't get Audi servicing you've had it, when I explained the ruling on it; i.e. eu directive (you can use any vat registered garage as long as oem parts/schedule of manufacturer followed) it just went way over his head. Audi linking any possible...
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    Facelift My New S3 (Picture Heavy)

    I had grey for four years, couldn't have it again however that looks nice. Oh and is that dirt in the 4th pic in your post? Get to scrubbin'! :superman: Gratz and enjoy!
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    Selling mine soon

    Woah. Draft? Nope. For that sum you either bring cash straight to the bank and bank it, they check for forgery and it's safely away. If I ever took payment from an account it would have to be CHAPS, and passport ID of individual to match account name it's from. Last thing I want is a fraud...
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    Should my next car be an S3?

    Plenty of contributions to thread so I'll try and keep it short. I had A3 8P diesel (4-5 years) then V6 A3 (4 years) then 8V S3 - the interior on the 8V A3 is NOT the same at all! Much more advanced and visually pleasing. If I could do it again I would go for a slightly used 8V S3 with plenty...
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    s3 owners do you experience unusual metal rubbing metal sound when accelerating ?

    Almost like crunching metal sound, I had it since day one. That and this weird knocking sound coming from the centre console area when the AC is on. Characteristics of the car? More like negative externality of Audi design! Something has to give!!!!
  15. A3_Rider

    VCDS mods THEN warranty claim?

    Straightforward and simple mods, can't live w/o the oil temp! I've used the VCDS since 8P, very nice item to have, expensive in the short run though! I wouldn't like to perform mods for someone else though, if it messes up (technology can act weird!) I'd be distraught!
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    Insurance Renewal

    I use topcashback if possible, end up getting 35-65 back on a new policy, but check it's not expensive as others otherwise it's wasted money.
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    Facelift Heartwarming Moment...

    Did you see the thread on A5 forum? 'Waved and cheered on S3 driver - he didn't know he just got 3 points' :haudrauf:
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    Super sport seats

    By base I meant the base; the bottom part. The upper part on the normal seat is more comfortable in my experience than the SSS, more of a relaxed feel.
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    Super sport seats

    As mentioned the bottom half is just a normal seat. I like the visual aspect more than giving any grip or advantage over the normal seats. However the normal seats are much more comfortable so don't be too down. Also, if you drive other A3/S3's with options you didn't select you're going to...
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    My s3 is dead :(

    Sort of need more facts ... New or used? Trade or private? from who? Remaining warranty? Any existing work undertaken? Did you give an account of your story for them to reject? What did you say? Which dealer? What actually happened? Then you can get technical and we can help...