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  1. Steve_N

    Audi going

    Been thinking of changing my car for a while, today i have finally done it. 2007 FORD Focus 2.5 ST 500 Had a big smile on my face on the test drive, i hadnt relised how much i had missed a petrol turbo engine.
  2. Steve_N

    New Job

    Started a new job as car transporter driver, had to do 2 weeks training which finished on Friday. Here are some pics from training. This was a full load of Corsa Combi's All the cars we used in training were brand new cars with only a few miles on them, and will be going out to dealers at...
  3. Steve_N

    Suspect wheel bearing

    Hi guys, just after a bit if advice. My car has been diagnosed with a suspected wheel bearing gone on the front nearside, the car is booked in on thursday for confirmation of wheel bearing and repair. Is the car still ok to use( I do about 40 miles a day), or am I going to be heading for a...
  4. Steve_N

    Rubber bung in roof

    Hi fella's, I normally hang in the A4B6 section, but my mate has a 2006 A3. He has some sort of rubber bung in the roof at the very front, he thinks this may be leaking as when it rains and the car is stationary he has water dripping in through the interior light. Is there something missing as i...
  5. Steve_N


    Hi Guys, my MOT is due at the end of March, what im not sure about is if i get it done earlier and the car fails have i still got till the MOT runs out to get it repaired, or does this just cancel the MOT that is left.:unsure: I have a feeling it may fail on the front lower suspension arm...
  6. Steve_N

    Doin it wrong

    When the snow arrives, who needs a Quattro........
  7. Steve_N

    Posh Hotel Toilet

    A bloke was bursting for the toilet, so he runs into a posh hotel and go into the ladies. He sits down and notices 4 buttons: 1. WW 2. WA 3. PP 4. ATR Curious he pushes WW and is gently sprayed with warm water, then he presses WA and a blast of warm air dries him. He presses PP and he gets a...
  8. Steve_N

    Funny pic

    Seen this picture on the net, thought it was another Audi/BMW battle, but Bently has the last laugh.....
  9. Steve_N

    My new car

    This is my new car......................................................(till Wednesday), as mine has gone in to Audi for: something vibrating when setting off at low speeds A loud squeel when the steering is turned on full lock A sort of drumming noise when the aircon pump is running Temp...
  10. Steve_N

    Goverment message

    The government is worried that men's penis's are getting smaller. To find out how great the problem is they have asked all men with a penis size of smaller than 3 inches to hang a white flag with a red cross from their vehicles for the next month. (especially if you own a people carrier)
  11. Steve_N

    David Beckham

    David Beckham gets in a taxi, "Heathrow please driver..." After a few minutes Becks spots the driver giving him a few looks in the mirror. This happens continuously until they approach the airport, when the driver says "come on mate, give us a clue?" Beckham says " I had a great career at Man...
  12. Steve_N

    The New NIKE football advert

    Due to be screened during the Champions league final on Saturday. Rooney with a does actually suit him.
  13. Steve_N

    Ambient lights

    I want to do the red LED ambient lighting mod and have found these on ebay, are they any good.......
  14. Steve_N

    Help coolant warning and high temp

    I was driving back from Portsmouth up the M27 when i got a coolant warning on the DIS, i checked the temp gauge and it was sat around 110, after about 10 seconds or so it shot straight up to 130, and the car steamed up immediately as if the aircon had turned off. I pulled onto the hardshoulder...
  15. Steve_N

    AIRBAG light

    Is there anyone in the Gosport area who has VAG-COM/VCDS, and wouldnt mind plugging in to my car and see what the fault is, the airbag light came on last week while i was away up north, there will be a reward for the helpful person........ My car is a 54 A4 TDI sport, i am willing to travel to...
  16. Steve_N

    Controller connection problems

    I turned on the Xbox this morning using the controller as normal, and all 4 lights on the controller were flashing. There were no quadrant lights on the xbox, to show if anything was connected. I have tried loads of times today to try to reconnect them but the xbox wont find the controller. Has...
  17. Steve_N

    Fan speeds

    I am wondering if any one on here has noticed this on their cars. When the climate is set on auto and the fan speed is only 2 or 3 bars, i pull the washers and the fan speeds up 1 or 2 bars for about 30 secs then goes back to normal. Is this normal or is my climate unit starting to fail.
  18. Steve_N

    central locking problems!

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. My wife has an 05 Vauxhall Meriva, and when unlocking the car with the remote the locks pop up but the only doors that can be opened are the boot lid and the drivers door. We tried using the key in the lock itself but no joy, none of the other doors can be opened...
  19. Steve_N

    Sexiest ladies of the 80's

    Found this website showing 99 sexiest ladies of the 80's. This brought back some good memories !!!!!!!! :drool:
  20. Steve_N

    Thanks Audi

    Had the car MOT'd on the freebie from Audi, and the it passed with only a couple of pick ups. One being the the rear pads and disks are close to being 100% worn. How easy is it to change these or is there some special tool needed because of the handbrake connection. I know from when i had the...