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    Engine Bay Cleaning

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    Ceramic coating?

    this is a detailing forum not a film protection forum. do some work lol
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    manchester may to far for you but and old member here does miracles with our cars and knows audis inside and out. Nate is exceptional. kowalski details
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    Car washing with advanced key

    hipster skinny jeans activate the lock button when in pocket
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    with ash all over my car and more coming, I appreciate looking at all your cars!
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    How many passes, confusion ? Flex XCE forced rotation but not specific to that machine.

    Everyone has a mildly different technique but the basic issue is to take a good look at your paint and estimate what type of defects you have and whether they look heavy, moderate or light. Pick a pad and a compound that works together. tape off all the rubber and plastic parts and then have a...
  7. tcardio

    Detailer Manchester area

    as NHN said, Nate at Kowalski Details. He was very active in here years ago and does outstanding work
  8. tcardio

    Wheel polish/ protection

    I really don't think most people know how much work you put into that whip of yours. I hope it all works out. It will be amazing. i use carpro dlux and then use a sacrificial layer of wax/sealant in between coatings. I don't have the HP you do but I think my engine bay is still pretty
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    well 2 things i always recommend for all audi owners...DA polisher and VCDS cable. You can purchase a new cover but it will likely have scratches on it when it arrives. When the market returns, consider purchasing a DAS6 pro
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    I have a das6pro equivalent(griots)but any da can do it. It took around 30 min which included cure time. 1/10 in difficulty. Prep pad, set to 2 and keep pad flat on surface and do 4passes and inspect work. No pressure on da. Just let the weight of the da and the pad do the work. It’s just like...
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Since I already had the DA out, I went at the shifter surround. Same process except used dlux at the end After. You can read the directions on dlux in the upper left corner Before Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What Car Care / Detailing Have You Done Today ?

    Medium cut pad Medium cut compound Finishing pad Finish/sealant Speed 2 90% better My instrument panel plastic cover. Really 30 min job and scratches nearly all gone and looks smooth Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Scratches on side window (factory tint)

    Be you Superman it would be says yoda
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    Voodoo frickin Blue

    couldnt care less if tapatalk...VB is the best color period. The black accents just make that paint pop. I love the color on the new RS6
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    Interior trim dent removal

    its hit or miss but heat it up with a hair dryer good and hot and then invert a can of computer aerosol and spray it. 50/50 but it sometimes just pops out
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    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    TBH with you mate, even without glass sealant, nothing sticks to glass on a tesla in ludicrous mode ;)
  17. tcardio

    Detailer / machine polisher around Hertfordshire, UK

    forum sponsor in2detailing under 100