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  1. gizze

    3.0L V6 engine any good?

    The Quattro uses the tiptronic 'box and pretty reliable. I wouldn't be worried at all buying one of those. I have a FWD 3.0i Cab sat here with CVT and that is throwing errors, used to be a new gearbox and tcu module costing thousands to sort, however, now you can buy refurbed TCUs for £250 or...
  2. gizze

    For Sale 2009 2.0tdi A4 S-Line Avant - 129k miles - £3700

    In Norfolk. About 10 miles south of Norwich, just off the A11.
  3. gizze

    For Sale 2009 2.0tdi A4 S-Line Avant - 129k miles - £3700

    Had a day off today!! Took some photos.... As I said, just a few marks here and there. It is however a really, really sound drive. Suspension feels great, drives really nicely and has been very well looked after mechanically.
  4. gizze

    For Sale 2009 2.0tdi A4 S-Line Avant - 129k miles - £3700

    Yeah of course. I have had not had the chance to clean it up yet, it needs a decent vax inside and a good clean outside. The weather has been awful. I'm going to try and get the vax on it today if the rain holds off. I'm now working everyday until Saturday 7th, so probably won't get a...
  5. gizze

    For Sale 2009 2.0tdi A4 S-Line Avant - 129k miles - £3700

    Sorry for the delay, weather been awful. Also, the new car is now delayed until Saturday 7th, so need to hold onto this until then. I have been offered £3500 for it from a local trader. It is actually Lava Grey.... I will get some decent pics up when I get some decent weather and a...
  6. gizze

    Leather cleaners

    If you want to get rid of shine you just need to get the grease off the leather. I use All Purpose Cleaner on leather seats, or if really old and looking seriously hard and shiny I will use engine degreaser or even a magic eraser. All purpose cleaner I mix 5:1 with warm water, engine degreaser...
  7. gizze

    For Sale 2009 2.0tdi A4 S-Line Avant - 129k miles - £3700

    2009 B8 2.0tdi avant S-Line Manual 129k miles Great service history, belts etc. done at 120k. Grey (meteor I think) Leather/Cloth interior with silver alu trim. Xenons Bluetooth Concert radio - no nav. The car was owned by a family friends daughter, they have plenty of money so...
  8. gizze

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    Sounds like it is going into limp mode. Have a look on here... 4. Cam Lobe Wear
  9. gizze

    A fuel question.

    I'm not saying I am right by the way, just that it makes no sense to me for Audi not to map their cars for the best fuel and the knock sensors ****** the timing as the fuel gets poorer. They only have to show figures for the best fuel available, power and mpg, so why would they not allow 98...
  10. gizze

    A fuel question.

    But why in the USA do they recommend 98 ron in the S4, but over here 95? It makes little sense. Allowing 98 ron will allow advanced timing which not only gives better power but also better mpg, so it makes very little sense to not use what is commonly available, and I just can't see Audi...
  11. gizze

    Auto dimming mirror wiring

    This is a universal one.... Dimming Mirror on Amazon Seems to come with an adapter to attach to Audis as well.
  12. gizze

    A fuel question.

    Interesting thread. I honestly think there is some sort of mistake in the labelling on the B8 S4 in the UK, or Europe. And since when have we called 95 premium? That is what the US guys call premium. 95 and 91 Ron just doesn't make sense. For a start when was the last time you saw 91 ron in...
  13. gizze

    Headlight Bulbs

    I just put Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited in mine, £15 from ECP after asking for discount. They seem better than the standard ones that are in there, but only just and a big step back from Xenons. Think I will look at projector headlights and some HIDs.
  14. gizze

    Auto dimming mirror wiring

    Have to say, my B7 Avant is first car I have owned in a very long time that doesn't have an auto dimming rear view mirror. I remember getting a B6 Avant back in 2001 after numerous BMWs and was shocked it didn't have this as standard. I took this out for the first time in the dark the other...
  15. gizze

    Known issues/things to look out for when buying a 2.0 TFSI quattro (171k miles!)

    Be careful on this, the fsi engines can sound very tappety, but think it is more the high pressure injectors. More so when you lift the bonnet, even my 3.2fsi sounded a bit tappety. I had 3 litre BMWs and 3.2 litre Mercs previously and it was a bit of a shock. The later BMW petrols sound...
  16. gizze

    In the market for another B7 avant.

    Hand on heart, I think a mapped 2.0T is a better car and more fun than the V8 S4. If you want a fun car get something else, something that is proper fun.
  17. gizze

    Osram Retrofit LED Headlamps

    Are they available in RHD?
  18. gizze

    is it worth getting a remap 2.0tfsi quattro special edition?

    That is the only fuel I use, on the odd occasion where I have had to put something else in it has felt positively crap. I just sold an old 2.8i Z3 and that was the same, you could hear the difference with other fuel. The knock sensor on these will reduce power by around 7%, and mpg will...
  19. gizze

    is it worth getting a remap 2.0tfsi quattro special edition?

    I would say do it. You don't have to rag the hell out of it every time you accelerate, but it does make the whole car feel lighter and more effortless. I have only got a FWD 2.0T and that can be...lively.....shall we say. I had the B6 S4 V8 and hand on heart I think a mapped 2.0T is the...
  20. gizze

    Dt-uk tuning box

    Had their CRD-T+ box twice now, have one on my 2013 X3 at the moment, had great results from them, better than many remaps.