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  1. scoss

    Can a garage see when a car was remapped?

    Was wondering if a decent garage could plug some gadget into the car to see if it had a map and when this was done? Thanks
  2. scoss

    Is it normal for your car to sit slightly to one side?

    Not sure if this is me but it looks my car sits to the right just slightly. I recently had my suspension looked at for another thing and the garage said all was well. Is it normal over time, (car is 6 years old) to have this?
  3. scoss

    Creaking suspension at rear

    Been getting this for a while. Really noticeable when going over speed humps even at snails pace. Car drives fine however. Any idea what could be causing this noise?
  4. scoss

    Power steering issue

    Noticed that my steering is much firmer then normal. Checked fluid which is full. No idea why this has occurred. I’ve not hit any pot holes etc. what else could be the issue?
  5. scoss

    iOS 13.1 has stopped the ability to skip tracks via AMI

    Just noticed this today after updating to 13.1. Didn’t have this issue at all never have done with any other iOS update or version. I am able to pick the firstTrack in any playlist but then after that I’ve got no ability to skip any tracks at all. The only way for me to select a new track is to...
  6. scoss

    IOS 13.1 Audio issues

    Hi, Since Updating to 13.1 via AMI i can only select a playlist but then cannot change the tracks within that playlist. Anyone else have this issue since updating? I’ve reset iPhone and MMI a number of times. Nothing has fixed this issue. the only way is for me to reselect the playlist and...
  7. scoss

    Acceptable PSI loss?

    I thought I had a slow puncture on the front left side. Got it checked out and they said it was a faulty valve. I paid £20 to fix this. My issue is I’m still loosing around 2/3 PSI every week. Anyone else had an annoying issue like this? I know tyres do loose pressure over time but this isn’t...
  8. scoss

    Is the REVO carbon series intake worth the money?

    I’ve been looking at this for some time. I have a stage 1 at present also by revo. Would this be noticeable at all over the stock intake? Thanks
  9. scoss

    Revo carbon series 2.0 TDI intake

    Just wondering if this is worth the £300? I’ve got a stage 1. Would I feel any benefits having this installed? Thanks
  10. scoss

    Rear jet washer issue

    Had a blockage so I got a safety pin and put it down both holes. Now I have one hole that is shooting out water from the side of the car approx 2/3 feet. The other is not. Just checking this is not normal. It’s the only time I’ve watched how far this jet is actually sprayed. Any tips for...
  11. scoss

    Best cleaning product to clean alloys?

    Need to seriously spend some attention on my alloys. Road dust/tar etc. Just checking to see what most recommend? Also what tyre shine product would you recommend? Currently use auto glym tyre dressing. Thanks
  12. scoss

    Low fuel and performance query!

    This maybe me, but is there a thing whereby when your at your last 50 miles or fuel (warning light on) does this effect the performance of the car. For instance to make your car get the most from your last remaining fuel will it change the throttle response from dynamic to efficient? And other...
  13. scoss

    New Mercedes AMG C63 S estate! 0-60 4.1 secs! This or RS6 Avant?
  14. scoss

    Engine making a higher pitch then normal

    This seems odd but the car when accelerating from across the rev range (diesel) appears to be making a higher engine noise. It’s not bad enough for my wife to recognise, however you get to know all noises from your car and this isn’t one of them. Car seems to be performing normal at this point...
  15. scoss

    Air cons issues this morning

    Hi, Air con didn’t work that well this morning. Windscreen didn’t really demist at all. Is this due to the ambient cold within the cabin and the cold glass? I was really hot when I got inside the car too. I have checked the air con and it was really cold so it def working. Thanks
  16. scoss

    Anyone not able to play the BBC Sounds app through their car via the lightening port?

    Anyone have this issue. It simple won’t recognise it’s plugged in. Apple Music works fine, so does soundcloud and Mixcloud. Thanks
  17. scoss

    BBC radio/sound app not able to play via lightening cable anymore!

    Noticed this the other day. Still have this option with soundcloud and Mixcloud. Not sure when bbc have stopped this ability. Anyone else have this issue?
  18. scoss

    Blockage in my washer fluid pipe/bottle?

    Just went to fill up the washer bottle and I started to fill the bottle up (which was empty) and I had only been pouring for 5 seconds when the fluid started to make its way up the pipe as if if was nearly full. After a few seconds the fiuld went down and this happen 3/4 times until the bottle...
  19. scoss

    Funny smell coming from front vents!

    Noticed this this morning and thought it was my air con. It’s not been regassed for 2 and a bit years. However the smell came back when air con has been off for a while. Smell is most noticeable when the air is directed at the passenger. Say the temp is set to 20c, when I adjust and change to...
  20. scoss

    Not able connect phone to messages feature

    Just got new iPhone on EE. I’ve got the phone connected for handfree. However when I go to connect to messages this always fails. Is this feature still possible on EE? I’m coming from 3. FYI I’ve a 2014 with tech pack. Thanks