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    Wanted VCDS Cable

    Friend getting rid of unlimited vin v1 HEX-USB+CAN. Very good condition. £250 or you can buy my brand new HEX-NET WiFi interface for £400. (Unlimited)
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    Wanted VCDS Cable

    Are you still after one?
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    Wanted 21” D4 A8 Alloys

    There is a set on Fleabay at present.
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    6 disc changer glovebox?

    No unfortunately it does not come as standard. I bought a separate unit myself but yet to instal. (Might sell it) also to get printout if specs, call the supplying dealer to see if they can provide with a printout. Yes you can update Sat nav via SD card. People also update the software too. Do...
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    For Sale iPhone X 64gb

    Used white iPhone X. Very good condition, comes with original box but no accessories. £250 delivered.
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    Sold VCDS Hex+Can USB - Genuine Cable

    You listening to any offers?
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    For Sale 2014 Audi A8 Wheels with tyres for sale.

    That’s a clean set, good luck with the sale. What did you replace them with?
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    Sold Genuine VCDS Hex+Can USB Cable

    Hi aj84, on the website it says you need to pay $99 to register? Also I am not in a rush and willing to wait, if you get no joy then I am happy to offer £160. Kind regards
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    My Well Groomed A4

    Daytona grey is one of my fav colours tbh. Very nice car. Can I ask how you used the Zaino polish? It was one of my favourite several years ago, I use to use their ZPC on the porter cable to remove minor swirls etc and then apply Z2. Then you just layer it. Gave a sharp clean crisp look. Are you...
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    How many passes, confusion ? Flex XCE forced rotation but not specific to that machine.

    Ones a pro detailer and other a blogger.
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    Sold VCDS /hex-usb+can

    Is this the unlimited version? Thanks
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    For Sale Audi A8 D3 genuine fuel filter

    Hi peeps, I have left over from my old car a brand new fuel filter part number 057-127-435E. This is near enough £90 from stealers. My old car was not due for change when I bought the service parts. I have now sold the old A8 D3 and this will not fit the new D4. Please sensible offers considered...
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    My first detail(not Audi)

    Wow I still have my PC which like you bought over from autopia with the big yellow converter. My one still going strong. I have not used it for some time and was gonna service it. It is fool proof but it does vibrate a bit!
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    Paint correction

    Hi mate first of all decontamination of the paintwork is crucial. Tar removal, Iron removal and claying. Get this all done first so you have a clean canvas. Pads and polish combo depends on paint and car. Scholl products get good rating for VAG paint so does menzerna. If it’s your first time...
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    Help! 2008 Audi A8 front brake callipers needed 3.0TDI v6 233hp

    I would try and remove the front and check and grease the sliders. Fronts are easier to check tbh. Jack the front right up(jack mode) remove the wheel and full lock. Check few YT videos buddy trust me it’s fairly easy for a semi competent DIYer. If not comfortable then leave it to the pros...
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    S8 alternatives to OEM brake options?

    Depends if they are ceramics then your in trouble if not Try Autodoc, I have used Zimmerman on my D3 not S8 though.
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    Windscreen and wipers

    Get some bar keepers friend the powder one and give the glass a good clean. You can use 00 wool wire too. BKF powder make sure you make it into paste and wash off any from rubber and paintwork
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    Wanted 265 40 20 tyres

    need a full set if anyone selling please. Thanks
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    For Sale Genuine Audi MMI 2G SW update cds

    these were bought for my Audi A8. Car now sold, open to reasonable offer. Thanks