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  1. Simon Lowe

    Advice for potential newby

    Tempted to pull the trigger on a 66 plate allroad and wanted to know if there are any things I should look out for or consider before buying, it has the 2.0tdi 190 with 65k Thanks in advance
  2. Simon Lowe

    Water pump failure

    32k in and it’s leaking , replacing on Saturday at eye watering cost but will the same happen again or is the new pump liable to be redesigned?, never buying Audi again, only done 7k in it myself since January when I purchased it and I have been relieved of £1500 already , not happy
  3. Simon Lowe


    Any options other than the outrageously priced OEM floor mats?, i purchased a fitted set of eBay with logo's but even though i paid £50 look a bit cheap to be honest, i have seen a post or two somewhere on the forum regarding aftermarket manufacturers which looked amazing, i cannot seem to find...
  4. Simon Lowe

    Derby meet Sunday anyone?

    Three of us ( up till now) are hopeful of a few others turning up to Costa Coffee Pride Park This coming Sunday 30th , please feel free to come along if you want..... cheers
  5. Simon Lowe

    Which oil filter to buy??

    what is the best option Oem? if so anyone know the part number please?
  6. Simon Lowe

    Car play retro

    Apologies if this as been covered previously but.... Anybody fitted the Unique Auto Developments CarPlay ? Is it any good as it seems to have a few good reviews? Cheers
  7. Simon Lowe

    Extended warranty ??

    As Audi will not extend the warranty on a S3 i have to go down the after market route, my question is who do i trust!!, lots out there and most if not all have a few nightmare reviews, all i want is no stress and no hassle , Autotrust, Click Warranty are two i am looking at , any recommendations ?
  8. Simon Lowe

    Exhaust tip question

    Are the S3 tips removable via a set screw like most bling tips?, mike need a clean and would like to remove them Cheers
  9. Simon Lowe

    Vinyl seat cleaner

    Hi any detailers know what to use to deep clean vinyl seats? , my Volvo truck has the fake leather look seats which are actually Vinyl for hard wearing etc and although I clean them weekly with baby wipes I cannot keep them clean!!, any advice on what I could use would be much appreciated
  10. Simon Lowe

    Easiest hardwire location?

    Hi I am going to be fitting my Mio J85 cam at the weekend and wondered if anybody could tell me where the best place to hardwire the power source, I will be running the cable down one of the A pillars if that helps!! Thanks in advance Car is a S3 cabriolet 8v
  11. Simon Lowe

    Apple CarPlay retrofit any recommendations ?

    Can anybody point me in a good direction regarding Apple CarPlay ?a few systems out there but not sure whats good or bad
  12. Simon Lowe

    Haldex Question

    Hi After reading various posts regarding haldex service etc I am still not sure if the pump needs removing and cleaning, I have rang several places pertaining to be Audi specialists who say they just change the oil, it seems the favoured route is removal on the forums, any views on this would...
  13. Simon Lowe

    Washed and gleaming!!

    Always use Bilthamber detailing gear
  14. Simon Lowe

    Brake disc Recommendation ??

    Hi Want to replace my front disc's as they are getting near, thinking about drilled-grooved and wondered if anybody could point me in the right direction regarding quality etc Thanks in advance
  15. Simon Lowe

    DAB radio info question

    Hello all I have tried without success to have the mmi tell me what record is playing as most in car systems do these days but cannot seem to find out how to make this so, can anybody point me in the right direction please!!!
  16. Simon Lowe


    After spending far to much time trying to update my maps i am flummoxed by a problem concerning the sd card or usb stick (tried both). I downloaded the update from Myaudi on to the above in what i hope was Fat32 format and am now at the stage where my media music finds both but obviously says it...
  17. Simon Lowe

    Problem updating

    I'm sure this has been covered somewhere but i cannot find any ref, i have downloaded to sd and usb and still my car say's nothing to read!!, i have reformatted both the sd and the usb and am now stumped , any help solving this would be a great help
  18. Simon Lowe


    Hi all Only had my car ten days and when I collected it the voice control was working as I used it on the Nav to Enter my post code but now I get a message saying button inactive?? Any thoughts?, does it only work with the Nav? Surely it should work with the phone?, after ten days I am certain...
  19. Simon Lowe

    Phone cradles?

    Hi Anybody recommend a in car iPhone XS max holder for an S3? Seen some on amazon which fit between the dash vents but have mixed reviews, want something to stop the ****** thing sliding about whilst driving sedately ((-:
  20. Simon Lowe


    Anybody tell me what system I have ? Is it 2g or 3G? I have no clue