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    Southwest meet - Weston-Super-Mare - 31st March

    Hi All I think its about time a decent meet was put together. Meeting place will be Marine Parade - Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday 31st of March. Will be a good chance to meet other members, take photos by the beach, drive on the beach if your dare and maybe head off to a pub. Here is a list...
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    Cheap genuine ipod adapter

    Hi all, Been considering getting ipod/iphone connectivity in my car. It has a symphony gen II but I'm sick of CDs. Spotted this on ebay, seems to be too cheap for a genuine unit: GENUINE AUDI IPOD ADAPTER, P/N: 8E0051444A, A2,A3,A4,A6,A8,TT, NEW, 99 08 | eBay Any thoughts, would it be the...
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    17-11-12 Dakota Raceway Drag - Smeatharpe, Devon

    Hi Guys, Been to a few of these events at Smeatharpe, and they are great and cheap. Its not very well advertised, but details are here: Dakota Raceway - Dragracing and Drifting events from Straightliners Any takers? I know this does clash with the RK engineering rolling road day. James
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    Van: Contract Lease or buy outright for small business

    Hi all recently been thinking of changing my vivaro van, its 5 years old and ows me nothing. I own it outright and would get fairly decent money for it if i sold it... Im considering my options and a friend told me it may be worth considering contract lease if its a new van im after. I think...
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    Post pics from your meets here!

    This thread is to share your meets photos with other members If you need some help posting: How to post pics
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    Please copy the previous posts list, and add you name below. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD*** 1.SPORTSTRACTOR (James) - Barnstaple (EVENTS MODERATOR) 2. ScottB5 (Scott) - Plymouth 3 (scott) - torquay 4. Audimad100 - Penzance 5. pats3poa (Pat) - Exeter 6.JD007F (James) Hayle...
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    Lol - Shell ad suggestions...

    Shell have released a competition for the best advert... But trolls have been abusing this somewhat lol PMSL!
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    Favourite TV Adverts??

    Just been browsing through some funny youtube clips, and it made me remember some funny TV adverts: My all time favourite: And and this one always made me chuckle, A Kia sportage adverts Feel free to expand on this if you can think of any funnier adverts...
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    Transferring number plate

    im swapping a car, and need to transfer the number plate... now iv read this Transferring a registration mark and how to apply : Directgov - Motoring all seems ok, but will this interfere with the registration process, or would it be better to wait until we both got the updated logbooks...
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    Ahhh! Anybody have a spare fog lamp?

    Annoyingly my fog lamp fell out of my bumper the other night... And got run over. Not a problem except I've got a buyer for my S3. So would any of you fine gents/ladies who have a FMIC be able to sell me and quickly send me a N/S lamp?
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    Considering change my wheels for these...

    Considering freshening mine up a bit and been offered a straight swap for my s4 reps for these: Inovit st1s I like the wheels but unsure they would look right on the s3... They would be painted in a dark grey if I got them... Also they might not look so great on mine as its only lowered 25mm...
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    Catalytic converter scrapping... Have I been done

    Took my old s3 cats down to the scrappy yesterday. I thought I'd get a decent amount for them as they usually contain platinum. The bloke cut them open and told me immediately they were stainless, and not platinum. Reckons he could tell my the honeycomb pattern inside? I argued with him a bit...
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    So Audi have bought out Ducati...?

    Just seen this on bookface and I did wonder whatever Audi think they can bring to Ducati. Interesting stuff though Got to admit I'd be more tempted to go for a Ducati knowing if there was a certain...
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    Exhaust bracket

    Just a quick, should my car have the exhaust mount in the transmission tunnel? As it doesn't but I noticed that a pre facelift had one? My has the bolts for one but no bracket or hook on the standard exhaust?
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    Potentially looking for a new turbo, bit of advice please

    Hi all Recently got my car upto full stage 2 spec, so went along to Rtech last Friday for mapping. Nick found my previous stage 1 map was a custom code map which was fuelling lean, from what I can gather he said they adjusted the boost map and nothing else. As it was is was making around...
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    xs power 100 cell sportscat

    i saw the question was raised a while back, would the sports cat keep the ecu happy in relation to pre and post cat lambda reading and where it would pass an MOT. Has anybody had the sports cat through a the CEL, as mine came on this morning. And its the first time since have the car iv seen...
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    If you want to see a film that a bit more chilled than the usual driving films from the US, watch it. Also has a pretty cool soundtrack. Definitely worth a watch
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    GSF for parts

    Hi all, anybody here use GSF for parts? heard of them ages ago and we very recently had a branch open in our town. The chap who served me used to work to work for TPS, and he reckon it was all the same kit, in different boxes? Prices were good and he gave me the choice of different quality...
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    Sending PMs using Tapatalk on IPad.

    Hi, Iv never been able to send PMs via tapatalk for iPad, the app just crashes. Anybody else have this problem? I know it's unlikely, but could this be a forum fault? as its fine with other forums, or is it a tapatalk problem? In which case I might email them as it is irritating. I also use...
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    heard this on radio 1 zane lowe show a few times and its a banging beat to my ears Also chris moyles played one of his mash-ups on his breakfast show... the lads got skills