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  1. RobMorris

    ASN's Pub

    Is there a Sean Wilson here?
  2. RobMorris

    ASN's Pub

    Cheers Westy
  3. RobMorris

    100 mile walk

    Chaps Im doing a 100 mile walk for Cancer Research. Brighton to Bournemouth. Would appreciate any sponsor no matter how little. link below cheers!
  4. RobMorris

    ASN's Pub

    Chaps - anyone want to sponsor me? link below..
  5. RobMorris

    Happy St George's

    With beautiful blue skies I wish today was a bank holiday! Will we ever see St Georges day as a bank holiday?
  6. RobMorris

    Project MPG - Thought needed

    I find that around 55-60 gives me the best MPGs just be light on the loud pedal! try not to use your brakes so coasting up to junctions/lights etc. light pull away. changing at 2k.. these are things i do to see the mpgs rise. standard fuel no additives. make sure the car is serviced aswell. and...
  7. RobMorris

    JUST FOR FUN - Champions League team

    Build and add your team – invite friends and family. Telegraph Fantasy Football: Team Selection choose your team add to league - the allstars 2012 PIN: 8000645
  8. RobMorris

    The world truly has gone mad.

    People moan about anything.. When I was 18, I had a Cavalier and debadged it only to leave 2 holes. It was when the **** t-shirts were all the rage and FastCar Magazine gave away a car badge 'FUK' My grandad said it was inapropriate and said I should take it off.. ha
  9. RobMorris

    Article about Facebook

    I think it has its pros and cons. I use it for storing pictures and showing my friends and family. I also use it to arrange gatherings, or be easily accesible to be an invitee I go through a month of checking it daily to not checking it for a month. Warren says he has a load of 'non friends'. I...
  10. RobMorris

    Top Gear USA

    Its crap but I find myself watching it every week.
  11. RobMorris

    New song brought tears

    I found a link to youtube.. Best listend to with bassy speakers. DJ Muggs feat. Dizzee Rascal - Snap Ur Neck Back (HD RIP) - YouTube
  12. RobMorris

    New song brought tears

    Cheers mate - il have a download tonight.
  13. RobMorris

    ASN's Pub

    I so want to buy MW3, but im refusing to at the mo as ive still not completed Black ops - Im stuck on the Boat mission. Maybe il just give it up and move on to MW3..?
  14. RobMorris

    New song brought tears

    JtotheD - ive never heard of any of those guys you just wrote! Im just a Radio 1 listener really but perhaps I should seek out some of what you mention!
  15. RobMorris

    New song brought tears

    Have you ever heard a new song that has blown you away that has brought a tear to your eye!? Last night - Radio 1 with Zane Lowe. Dizzy Rascal rapped over a DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill) track called 'Snap your head back' Basically our Dubstep sound has reached the US so with an old skool Hip Hop...
  16. RobMorris

    Addiction - Help...

    I fell for this - I was going to say perhaps speak to the samaritans! Im an idiot ha
  17. RobMorris

    Trick or Treater Pulls out 9mm on Neighbours

    ...Only in America.
  18. RobMorris

    iPhone 4 anyone upgraded to ios 5?

    I just felt sick that everything had gone.. Oh well, its all back now
  19. RobMorris

    iPhone 4 anyone upgraded to ios 5?

    thats what i mean - Itunes had deleted the back up - I do a back up near daily! What a waste of time! Oh well - it was an excuse to download a load of new apps and put them neatly in folders.
  20. RobMorris

    iPhone 4 anyone upgraded to ios 5?

    I did it though Itunes but eveything had deleted from itunes also. I dodne a google search and i wasnt the only one..