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  1. tcardio

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Those things are huge! Holy face plant with an aggressive braker ! I could fit my coat and pants and likely hang my shoes on those. You must be a coat man to have two
  2. tcardio

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    If we didn't spend money like druken sailors then this thread would be dead as a door knob
  3. tcardio

    Facelift Daytona Grey S3 Sportback: black pack or not?

    I am a hybrid. The black edition grill and fogs with the silver mirrors and the non BE wheels in 20 inch is pure sex! I also prefer the vertical vane in the fogs to be painted LAP6
  4. tcardio

    Worlds most powerful S3 8v to date ?

    it is missing a hatch so I must rename the title...World's most powerful non sportback S3 8v to date? but awesome
  5. tcardio

    Can everyone chill out a bit?

    like all forums, read the threads and get some good info, don't feed the trolls, thank the posts that deserve kudos and remember when you wrestle with a pig you both get dirty and the pig likes it!
  6. tcardio

    Alloy Wheel Cover

    Kowalski Details as said above! Nate is the best
  7. tcardio

    Who's in charge of stickers?

    here's another...there is a rat in separate! geez people
  8. tcardio

    19 Inch MSW 26 Matt Dark Titanium Polished Alloy Wheels (Yay or nay!?)

    I am not putting flower petals on my car no thanks
  9. tcardio

    S3 with genuine chrome alloys @ Paris Motor Show

    I love this picture! Look at the guy with the broom! FacePalm!!!!!!! looking at those wheels Bwhahahahahaha
  10. tcardio

    Red S3 Brake Calipers - Yes Or No?

    Red calipers - have fun cleaning the grease spots off a red caliper. you'll spend more money than a wealthy school boy in a brothel
  11. tcardio

    Ceramic Brake Pads

    Carbotech bobcats are what you want. they can make any design needed and if you track, their track pads are compatible with the bobcats so no need to rebed
  12. tcardio

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    something has to be done to the front bumper triangle behind the lower grills. looks wayward to me
  13. tcardio

    Is it possible to completely debadge an S3 exterior front and back?

    I guess I'm daft but those that want to steal S3s know what to steal whether it's debadged or not. These guys don't steal A3s with S3 badges on. If a professional thief wants your car lets just say its gone.
  14. tcardio

    Next RS3 - New Info

    your a 911 guy...forget the cayman
  15. tcardio

    S3 now on H&R lowering springs

    care meter don't without pics
  16. tcardio

    I hope Audi wheels are better than this (Golf R)

    wonder if the owner recently had new tires fitted. not unheard of cracking the rim if someone breaks the bead improperly
  17. tcardio

    Auto Dimming mirror is it just me?

    What VCDS? never seen it
  18. tcardio

    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    I guess I'll wait for pigs to fly but I wonder if I will have any interest in tuning if the S3+ comes out with 375 horses. For me that's enough
  19. tcardio

    Audi S3 Plus?

    I'm all for power but I wonder how much carbon it will produce. Man...i hate cleaning carbon
  20. tcardio

    2013 Audi S3

    more like they are shoving it down our throats. For some reason, Americans don't like hatchbacks. You guys have any ideas why?