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  1. Simon

    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    She does look sweet
  2. Simon

    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    You can steam leather to shrink it, may be a bit safer than a heat gun - and helps to clean as well :)
  3. Simon

    Audi A4 restoration-rebuild thread

    Great work, I prefer option 1 on the alloys.
  4. Simon

    Audi A4 restoration-rebuild thread

    I would have thought that would be fine so long as the box is sealed/closed
  5. Simon

    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    Gold/bronze centres on those would look awesome with the blue...
  6. Simon

    Back Again... Noggy B5 S4

    New wheels look great
  7. Simon

    Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

    The state of those brakes, had it been parked in the sea for a week?
  8. Simon

    Audi A4 restoration-rebuild thread

    Amazing work, I had a 1.8t of similar vintage in Laser red, that was a great car.
  9. Simon

    What to look for in an S4?

    Had an A4 1.8t a while ago but moved onto a Skyline (after the GF brought one first!) Now she has got bored with it and want something different, practical but with the same sort fo performance on offer! so the only thing that seems to fit the bill is an S4 Avant - any buying advice? Simon
  10. Simon

    A4 1.8T Sport Advice

    Front suspension arms give up quite early - listen for clunking when going over bumps at low speed. if the cam belt has been changed make sure that the revised tensioner has been fitted. some cars seem to suffer from MAF problems make sure the rear discs are good because if they have to be...
  11. Simon


    Sorry about the OT post but you are not accepting PM's I only have the front skirt available now but you can have it for £100 plus dely costs. Simon
  12. Simon

    Speaker Mods

    you will find a big differnce in sound if you upgrade your fronts, if you want to leave the rear speakers in just fade them down a bit. in my 96 A4 I have focal utopia in the front and nothing in the rear at all - although most of the time I do have a sub in the boot. The replacement DV is...
  13. Simon

    New brakes

    rear wheel bearings with the rear discs? Sounds like ****** to me mate! ATE power discs - Euro Car parts no 926440060 is the correct front disc (DON'T FORGET THEY LIST THEM AS SINGLES ONLY!) £29 in fact everything you require is as my first post!
  14. Simon

    New brakes

    Have a look at the ATE discs, I am sure they do one for the S4 and they work well. look at here They are good.
  15. Simon

    New brakes

    what car? I brought a set of ATE powerdisc for the fronts of my '96 1.8ts and they cost £30 each, rears cost £20(ish) and pads cost £26 (fr Pagid) £15 (r ATE) so in total you are looking at £140 ish for a full set. try Simon
  16. Simon

    S4 Owners - Rear bumper question

    What about
  17. Simon

    1st post- Introduction

    hello also. Pictures would be good, espcially as I have a '96 1.8t sport with a reiger kit on it (in red!!) and 18" bk299's Simon
  18. Simon

    heated mirrors not working.

    I have a '96 A4 and neithe rof mine were working, so I brought a pair from Audispares (as they were) left em in the garage for a few months before getting around to fitting them. But when I did (easy job took 5 minutes) I noticed that they only come on when the rear screen is on - I have tested...