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  1. airbus319

    S3 Crash resulting in 2 child fatalities in Wolverhampton

    Terrible news this, hope they find the driver of the S3 Quickly
  2. airbus319

    Facelift Rear parking sensors - Volume increase

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to increase the volume of the rear parking sensor unit using vcds? It's already at max on the MMI thanks David.
  3. airbus319

    Facelift Folding mirror question

    Hi folks Can anyone shed some light on why the facelift mirrors seem to have an extra connector? Is this for side assist? Thanks David Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. airbus319

    Buying Mirrors from a left hand drive car?

    Hi, Uk RHD based and was looking to buy some mirrors for my Sportback off a left-hand drive car, would this be an issue? from the parts database there are a few types with some showing LDH and some RHD I just want to be clear on what the difference is, if it is just mirror dipping then I'm not...
  5. airbus319

    Yellow S3 - is this someone on here

    Saw this today, pretty shocking. Thoughts? <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no"...
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    Eibach Pro-Kit springs and ARB's

    Has anyone replaced their stock springs and Anti-roll (sway) bars with the Eibach versions to improve handling and reduce understeer on an A3 8V TDI 2012 - onwards? If so do you have any positive or negative feedback? I'm not bothered with the lowering element, just improved handling thanks David.
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    Wireless charging on your clearmount

    This might be useful for some cheers David.
  8. airbus319

    Suspension woes

    Hi folks, I got a VWR spring upgrade on my S-Line the other day which has helped massively with the handling issue I had but it is bottoming out the shocks. my question is if I convert to S3 shocks would this improve the setup? I really don't want to go aftermarket at this point. Car is a...
  9. airbus319

    Coding request - 42 or 52 - Door control modules - without folding mirrors with B&O

    Morning everyone, Is anyone able to give me a copy of their long coding for either module 52 or 42 the door control modules. Ideally someone without folding mirrors but with B&O speaker illumination and interior lighting pack. thanks David.
  10. airbus319

    Need a favour - Spare wheel size for cars with B&O Sub in the boot

    Hi Guys, COuld someone please let me know the part number or size of your spacesaver located in the boot if you have the B&O sub fitted in there also? I suspect the wheel size is larger for those with B&O fitted and just want to confirm that this is the case thanks David.
  11. airbus319

    The Definitive Bang & Olufsen Retrofit guide for the 8V Sportback

    Welcome to this thread that has been some time in the making. I didn't buy my car new, it was a 40th Birthday present to myself and the best my dealer had at the time was a 6 month old TDI S-Line that had 6k of extras but sadly no B&O or Audi Sound system. The basic system always disappointed...
  12. airbus319

    Picture request

    Hi All, Could someone with B&O please take a few pictures of the amp mounted in its bracket for me? I'm just wondering how much carpet I have to cut away to mount it correctly. thank you cheers David.
  13. airbus319

    B&O Advice on Retrofitting

    Evening all, I've been having major issues with the standard sound system that is installed in my car so I've decided to take the plunge and see if I can get the necessary bits to retrofit B&O into my 2014 A3 Sportback. I've done a lot of reading up on the posts but the only chap who said he'd...
  14. airbus319

    GSM antenna 2 earth error

    Hi Folks I'm getting the following error. Does anyone know where this GSM antenna is earthed in the car? 2014 Sportback TDI S-line with Infotainment High. Fault Frequency: 1 Fault Priority: 4 Fault Status: 00000001 Freeze Frame: Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear B1533 11 [009] - Short...
  15. airbus319

    Replacement Pedal Rubbers to Chrome caps

    Hi All, I bought some replacement pedal caps for the 8V 2.0 TDI S-Line and fitted the Brake and Clutch no problem but I'm struggling with the accelerator pedal as it appears to be a fixed unit. Has anyone done this and could provide some info please? Picture attached of the old rubber pedal...
  16. airbus319

    Front Seat Wiring connectors - Assistance required

    Hi Folks, I recently bought Jasdeep's leather seats that were for sale on the forum and was wondering if anyone could tell me what each of the connectors is for? and a part number to order up the replacements? The picture I've attached is what I'm looking for consisting of - Black connector...
  17. airbus319

    For sale or Swap Votex front Valance and rear too

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I have an A3 8P votex front valance for the 1 part grill design (2005 on) for swap for a 2 part grille design (2003 - 2005) if anyones interested. If not then I'm looking to sell both my front valance and the rear part too which is the standard votex rear valance...