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  1. Keef

    RSQ3 RSQ3 Trade Time

    @firecracker69 i know Nick @ Detailmycar in Newbury does calliper painting, Had loads of work done and would highly recommend.
  2. Keef

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    @wideboybloke i had the same issue, my post here:- Got absolutely no where with Audi CS but clearly this is a common fault
  3. Keef

    2020 A4 - Turning of "South Africa Mode" single door unlock?

    On my old B9 you just pressed the unlock button twice, not really that much hassle! Apologies if I’ve mis understood
  4. Keef

    Leasing advice?

    Thanks @GaryP You didn’t buy my old S4 then ?
  5. Keef

    Leasing advice?

    Thanks all, great advice.
  6. Keef

    Used car prices - A4

    I’ve recently sold my S4 to a dealer, for almost £6k more than I was offered just over a year ago!
  7. Keef

    Leasing advice?

    @Aldi-Sport Chap Thanks so much for the detailed response! Exactly what I hoped for but was starting to think I’d drawn a blank posting here. Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated. Do you have a preferred company to lease from or just shop around? Cheers K
  8. Keef

    Delivery time once in UK

    @Administrators @Admin @Sandra Last few posts?
  9. Keef

    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    @sunshinewelly yes, unfortunately you need an active subscription
  10. Keef

    Leasing advice?

    Now I know this should probably be posted elsewhere but not sure which section. I’m after some tips & real world experience on leasing? I’ve never leased before and looking for A golf or seat Leon estate on a 2 year deal. Been looking at quotes but after tips from people who lease. thanks in...
  11. Keef

    Keef's Daytona Grey B9 S4 Avant Thread

    I’m sending you a crisp high five! I do wonder how long the inflated prices will last? I’m sure global material shortages will balance back out at some point
  12. Keef

    Keef's Daytona Grey B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Cash is going into my extension! Don’t really need a car but going to look into leasing something for 2 years Probably golf or seat Leon estate
  13. Keef

    Keef's Daytona Grey B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Deal done, S4 goes tomorrow
  14. Keef

    Keef's Daytona Grey B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Final update……possibly! Ok so a combination of not using my car and strong 2nd hand prices have almost convinced me to sell! @KapB your fault for sowing the seed! :) I’ve been on the fence for a while and almost bought a brand new Alfa stelvio quadrifoglio, test drive was great fun. Ive been...
  15. Keef

    Mitch's S4

    I always spec the storage pack! Puts me off 2nd hand cars when it’s missing. Nice little retrofit. Realistically this cubby hole and the rear armrest cup holder are the best bits.
  16. Keef

    Mitch's S4

    @Chang Have the made the centre console trim easier to change on the B9? Was a complete removal of console on the B8 just to get to the screws from underneath. I changed to carbon on my B8.5 S4 so was glad I could spec it on my B9
  17. Keef

    Paint code....

    @Nick Moorhouse have you thought of having the trim wrapped? Could get the right colour and the film might offer a degree of protection?
  18. Keef

    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    @SiPie great stuff! Having had the same itch for about 3 years now, I’m glad to see you’ve scratch yours! I keep a regular watch on used sport editions & new RS4s. I figure it would also cost be about 30k to change. Obviously 2nd hand market prices are realty strong at the moment. Look forward...
  19. Keef

    SQ5 Air con

    I’ve just had this issue on my S4 (2017 and only done 22.5k miles) noticed the air con was making almost an hissing noise in the cabin, than a few days later, only warm air. initially I assume it was due to me not using the car very often at the moment. But dealers said the condenser was...
  20. Keef

    S4 Avant rear suspension lower mounts ware

    Just to close out my post, had the mounts replaced. Audi CS were beyond useless, but I can’t thank my local dealers enough! They have been amazing and heavily discounted labour & parts. Cost me less than £100 in the end.