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  1. Mr Freeze

    S3 Headlights

    Hi all I've had my S3 back for a couple of days after nearly 7 weeks in the dealership with a Squeaky seat Looking round the car I've noticed the front headlights are full of condensation and it doesn't seem to be clearing is this normal ? I've never had it happen before in the two and half...
  2. Mr Freeze

    S3 wheels

    Hi all I have a 2019 Audi s3 with the standard 18'' star wheels I recently had three of my wheels refurbished but the colour seem a bit darker than the original wheel that hasn't had any work plus the barrels have been painted black pretty ****** off with the results as they were £150 a wheel...
  3. Mr Freeze

    Space saver

    Does anybody know if a 2018 S3 space saver will fit my 2019 S3 as my car didn't come with one . I need to have a wheel refurbed and don't want to have my car off the road . Pain in the a£$e not having a spare wheel
  4. Mr Freeze

    Holiday Thread

    Let's keep the holiday thread going its great to see where fellow members have traveled to :icon thumright:
  5. Mr Freeze

    Attempted break in for my car

    Hi all This morning at I was woken by a banging noise down stairs I jumped up straight away without a second though ran down the stairs naked as a J bird and found a hoodie masked thug outside smashing the lock out on my patio doors as you could imagine I totally lost it screaming i scared...
  6. Mr Freeze


    I am looking into going to the Goodwood festival of speed next year it will be my first time visiting and wondered if anybody has been and could recommend what day is best to go . Thanks :icon thumright:
  7. Mr Freeze

    Close to buying a s3

    Hi everyone I am pretty close to buying a 19 plate s3 the price is £40688 but i have got the dealership down to £35000 . Spec Ara blue paint Super sport seats Tech pack Audi design pack And that is pretty much it . what are your thoughts on the price for the spec and it being a brand new...