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  1. R0cket

    Help buying 2009 3.0 TDI Quattro

    Mine has 220k on it currently and drives lovely. It’s just the bodywork and alloys that need love. Interior is damage free and freaky hides it’s age. I just had a clutch and dmf done that wasn’t cheap but hey ho. I guess I’ll keep it now
  2. R0cket

    When does the cambelt actually need changing in an S3 8P

    When I worked at Audi they said 75k or 5yrs... no one’s forcing you to change it. Let us know how many valves bent if it snaps though
  3. R0cket

    Powerflow custom exhausts....?

    I had one on my mk2 golf with a 1.8T 20v fitted and couldn’t of been more happy. i also asked a different power flow Place if they could move my exhaust hanger and they were less than unhelpful. Couldn’t be ***** with me basically.
  4. R0cket

    When does the cambelt actually need changing in an S3 8P

    5yrs or 75k just put the 2nd one on mine due to 5yrs even though it’s done 105k
  5. R0cket

    Post Cruise & MFSW Retrofit issue

    I had issues with mine where I had to restore basic settings on my abs module before the power steering came back. This was after a long time with the battery disconnected. When I fitted cruise I missed the coding on the engine despite seeing the stalk moving on vcds. Sorted it now
  6. R0cket

    Q3 Climate Control 8P Retrofit

    Is the only issue the re-circ one? Otherwise it’s shave, plug and play? what about the change from econ to a/c. Does the light show on when the a/c is off on a pre-fl?
  7. R0cket

    8P (pre-facelift) DRL ightbulbs type xenon.

    A white led bulb of the same fitment should do? p21w
  8. R0cket

    Coil over recommendations

    I fitted a cheap set to my mk4 golf and the ride was horrible. I think those were FK street £200 ish. One of the dampers failed shortly after fitting and I returned them and paid the extra for FK high sports £400 ish. Much better.
  9. R0cket

    A3 8P1 Wheel Bearing Help

    Euro car parts only show one that mounts with 3 bolts yet list 2 options. 1 has the driveshaft bolt and 1 doesn’t. Could this be the 4th bolt? easiest thing would be to jack up a corner, remove the wheel and have a look. You can probably see just by lying on the floor once it’s jacked up.
  10. R0cket

    57 plate A3 8p 2.0 240 tdi

    If I had to guess I’d say a wheel speed sensor is misbehaving and telling the ecu porkies. would need to plug in to confirm.
  11. R0cket

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Passed the mot after being off the road for 2 years. 1 advisory for a slight play in track rod end grrr
  12. R0cket

    Draining the tank. S3

    Pretty sure the tank is empty now so using the output test must transfer it from 1 side to the other. New fuel filter and some fresh v power tomorrow. Cheers.
  13. R0cket

    Draining the tank. S3

    Weirdly now my gauge is reading empty. Must of been the cycling of the ignition or something that zero’d it
  14. R0cket

    Draining the tank. S3

    Is there a way with vcds to make it transfer the “other side” of the tank over? in engine on output tests I activated the fuel pump and drained it down to 1/4 on the gauge but now it’s stopped and I can only assume the passenger side of the tank still has fuel in it. i wanted to drain it...
  15. R0cket

    Anti-lift mounts with the front bushes too

    I have the powerflex anti-lift mounts and the adjustable front bushes to go with them. Any suggestions where I should set the front ones ahead of the alignment? I’d rather do that bit myself than tie up the alignment bay faffing around with it.
  16. R0cket

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Got it built back up and went for a shakedown. First time I’ve driven it in 2 years woop. Cleared off all the issues causing lights on the dash ready for the mot. A few basic settings applied and steering calibration done. Funny how the power assist just comes back online while you’re doing...
  17. R0cket

    Rear upper control arm bolt seized.

    Comes from being a heavy plant mechanic by trade. asked my lad to pass me a 3/8” extension today while I was under the car. After a while he came back with a 12” 3/4” extension... I think we’re a bit off that lad. Maybe something a bit thinner?
  18. R0cket

    Rear upper control arm bolt seized.

    I used oxyacetylene on mine... once it had gone cherry red I let it cool a bit before turning it out easily. But I’m aware not everyone has bottles available
  19. R0cket

    Defective modules

    The original clocks went back in shortly after. Everything works fine now. I just wanted the white instead of the red. No problems at all with the car
  20. R0cket

    Defective modules

    Could you sort out getting my FL cluster to work and correct the mileage for me?