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  1. slydog18

    Good Tyre Fitting In Luton or West London Area?

    Hi guys, I have some freshly refurbed rims to go on my S3 and need a good tyre fitting place in Luton or West London area as I don't want them scratched. Any Ideas? Thx
  2. slydog18

    Looking at some wheels, bit of help please :)

    Hi guys, I am looking at a set of wheels that I like for my 2002 S3 and would like to know if anyone can help me to see if they will fit. Adapters would be fine as the PCD is wrong or redrill might be best. They are 8.5 x 18 et34 and 10 x 18 et 28 Can anyone tell me what tyres would be best...
  3. slydog18

    Helped someone out and finally getting the hang of VCDS...a bit :)

    Must say that I think I will register my genuine cable with Ross tech at some point as I helped a friend of ALi150 by recoding his A3 8P that has retroffited Xenons and stop them flashing like mental :) Was a bit nervous as didnt really know what I was doing but after seeing a thread, using the...
  4. slydog18

    Malware blocked when accessing ASN!!??

    When I have accessed ASN tonight Avast has popped up with a Malware block as if ASN is running a virus. Just thought I would let you know. It seemd to be a .jp website/link blocked but cant find log at the mo. EDIT: This is the URL apparently
  5. slydog18

    'N88GGY' 2002 Noggy Blue S3 Build Thread

    So after being around for a while I thought that it was about time I started a build thread as I have some plans for this year, funding permitting. As some of you may know I own a 2002 Noggy S3 225 BAM that I got in March with only 59,000 miles on it. Here is a couple of pics on my drive from...
  6. slydog18

    My Relentless V3 manifold and pipes arrived!!! :)

    Woohoo my new bits have arrived and I just want to say a big thanks to Relentless for putting up with my stupid questions via a few emails and not just tech ones LOL (Paypal newbie that I am :)) They delivered my V3 manifold, downpipe and Cat in quick time, less than a week, and they look...
  7. slydog18

    First use of VAG.COM and now remote locking not working!! S3 8L

    I had my first tinker on my S3 8L with VAG.COM today to check/clear all fault codes, turn on beep with alarm and remove auto lock at 10mph. I cleared all codes and think I cleared something that I shouldn't have as I have got to my mums and found the remote alarm/locking is not working! I did...
  8. slydog18

    First use of VAG.COM and now remote locking not working!!

    I had my first tinker with VAG.COM today to check/clear all fault codes and turn on beep with alarm. I cleared all codes and think I cleared something that I shouldn't have as I have got to my mums and found the remote alarm/locking is not working! I did have a control module memory fault in...
  9. slydog18

    Anything I should do with my new VCDS cable?

    Having looked through the stickies etc. I was wondering if anyone recommends things I should do to my 2002 S3 with my HEX-CAN cable I bought? I have not really got a clue what to do at the mo so any directions would be helpful as well :) Was hoping that I could turn on staging but found out...
  10. slydog18

    Any good detailers near Luton or West London?

    As heading.....looking for a detailer near Luton or West London that can detail my car ready for Ultimate VAG. Preferably with premises I can leave car with them to do a proper job during the week or something. Thanks.
  11. slydog18

    Any one used or heard of jackson tuning?

    Just came across this link for a seller in club polo as i was looking at brake options again:- Club Polo Sounds like a cheap kit but not sure on quality. Please advise :)
  12. slydog18

    How good are Hi-spec brakes

    Been looking at brakes for a little and wondering if any one knows how good the Billet 4 325mm x 30mm set up they sell is? Any one using them? Seen a set for about half price but with drilled discs instead of grooved, is that such a bad thing?
  13. slydog18

    Another Coilpack replacement thread :)

    I was in West London Audi last week looking for some parts and just happened to mention that my car may be up for a recall on coilpacks to a service rep on the way out. He jumped on the PC for me and presently printed out the shhet with the recall number on it, gave me a card to ring someone and...
  14. slydog18

    My baby is up on axle stands :(

    My noggy upset me on Thursday by failing the M.O.T. !!! It failed on both front Top suspension mounts with the usual excess play, N/S Rack gaiter split, O/S Rear shock lower bush. Was well disappointed and even more upset when I could only get the rear shock bush done as a complete shock...
  15. slydog18

    No Spark Plugs in 60000 service?

    I have just had a quote from a reputable specialist for a 60000 mile service as its coming close and there were no spark plugs listed, is that correct?
  16. slydog18

    Possible Doulble Din Aftermarket Fascia fabrication.......

    A guy at works reckons he can fabricate me a double din Fascia to fit an aftermarket head unit into my S3. I currently have the double din bose set up. He said if I can get a broken Sympnony II (that is the 6 in dash one isnt it?) that has the front intact he can mould/ fabricate off that...
  17. slydog18

    Anyone got R8 style alloys fitted? Pics Please :)

    I haqve seen these on the bay and wondered if anyone has them so I can see if they will suit the S3 or not:-
  18. slydog18

    What steering Wheel Should I have/Get?

    After posting a link to the pistonheads ad that i bought my car from someone said that i had the wrong wheel. On another post it seemed that it was an optional wheel and not very well liked. It is a round wheel with the 6 buttons for stereo. Should my car come with a falt bottom wheel with...
  19. slydog18

    Staggered wheels on S3?

    I am currently looking for a nice set of Summer rims and have seen a few. My question is can i fit staggered rims on a Quattro or will it scuff tyres like mad on cornering? This is an example from an ad:- BBS rs717 et40 18x8.5s 5x114 with Continental sportcontact 2 tyre 215,40,18s BBS rs718...