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  1. Arrkon

    Error free p21w/382 bulbs?

    Anyone found any that are ACTUALLY error free? Got one pair (of supposedly error free /canbus) in my "high beam" of my bi-xenon and had a pair in my reverse lamps, but having the damn thing beep 4 times is doing my head in so back to halogen reverse... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Arrkon

    B7 3.0tdi front lower arms.... Help

    Hey all, i'm a little stuck. The horizontal bolt on the front arm seems to foul on the engine mount/subframe, Am I missing something here? Is there a trick to getting it out?
  3. Arrkon

    2.0tdi cam sensors

    Guy's, got an issue on a mates car, 07 B7 2.0tdi (BRD I think). camshaft position sensor (g40) "signal out of range" fault logged, but only after a hard acceleration (almost as if it coincides with it coming on boost) clear it and its fine using ignition cycle or vcds until the next "hard"...
  4. Arrkon

    Car "buyers"

    Trying to sell my B6 as I now have myself a new Allroad, WBAC.Com are comedians with their offers, and people sending replies to what I ask as "Sensible Offers" are nearly as bad, offering £500 less than the asking price which is only 1500 quid... what is it with these people!!!! :haudrauf:
  5. Arrkon

    Tip Oil change - bit of a rant...

    So, just re-done my tip oil tonight after paying a local "specialist" few weeks ago to do the filter, gasket (was weeping) and tip oil change. To start, luke warm box I dropped about 3 1/2 litres out, but was able to get nearly 7 in following the correct audi fill process. Not to mention they...
  6. Arrkon

    Auto trans Sump - 5sp

    Gents, it would appear that my tiptronic sump is leaking, not around the edges (had a new gasket, filter and fluid change) but through the metal as its that badly corroded. It also seems to be affecting the shifts (presumably from lower fluid) going into first on the downshift coming to a stop...
  7. Arrkon

    Paddle retrofit

    So after finally sourcing all the bits to get my cruise working, I wanted to add paddles. My car came with nothing on the wheel, just a standard 3 spoke sports wheel. I purchased and fitted a modified 8p wheel (identical to mine but with paddles, basically a b6 s4 wheel) but it's not working...
  8. Arrkon

    Steering module help

    Anyone got a b6/7 steering wheel module that isn't either 8E0-953-549-F or 8E0-953-549-N... And wouldn't mind parting for a reasonable price? Thanks guys.
  9. Arrkon

    New purchase... B6 2.5tdi Quattro

    Hey guys. Seem to be forum hopping haha.. First, B5. Then C5 Allroad.... Now here. Just picked her up tonight. 116k, 52 plate v6 tdi auto Quattro. Few niggles, and the B6 is new ground for me... Open to your experiences. 1. Vibration when accelerating (but not when lifting off) and when sat...
  10. Arrkon

    Tool Request and Rear Tie arms

    Bit of an ask, but got some major overhauling to do on the Allroad soon. Anyone have either of the following; - 2.5TDI timing looking tools - Inner Tie Rod tool Also, How the hell do I get these seized rear tie arms off...!!!
  11. Arrkon

    Links to A6/S6/RS6 C5 compatible Ebay finds and classified.

    OK guys, i am borrowing a leaf out of the 8P/B5 guys forum and stuffing this in here. If you stumble across anything you think is useful on /Com /De. Even if it is your item you can post in here but just a brief explanation with a link and maybe any additional deal you feel like...
  12. Arrkon

    Part numbers for theses bushes?

    Are these available separate to the wishbone?
  13. Arrkon

    Allroad level sensor measurement

    Anyone got a level sensor handy that's not on the car? I'm after some measurements from the arm. Anyone help? Also, are the front/rear the same? I believe so.
  14. Arrkon

    2.5tdi upgrades

    After my track session on saturday at ADI, was wondering what performance upgrades i can do to my Allroad without spending a fortune. Curious about the limits of the VP44's fuel delivery and what turbos can be a bolt fit (kind of how the K04-015 is on the 1.8t A4). read a bit about the GT2559v...
  15. Arrkon

    WTF Allroad???

    I know the allroad is capable... but REALLY???!!!
  16. Arrkon

    Odd Fore/Aft or Vertical vibration.

    Gents, my 2003 AR TDi has recently started getting a vibration in the car at around the 60-90 mph region. it doesn't feel "side to side" like a balance issue, and isn't felt through the steering but the rest of the car. Can only describe it as and up/down or fore/aft vibration, as any can in...
  17. Arrkon

    V6 TDi exhaust options

    Gents, anyone know if the exhausts are interchangeable (mounting points) between the V6T and the V6tdi, or the A4 B6 avant and the A6 C5 Avant (quattro's of course)?
  18. Arrkon

    Rear Allroad Toe Control Arms (tie Arms)

    After three days of battling gavanic corrosion, i've given up. Tried Heat, Cold, almost every lubricant and penetrating oil, and even Brute force (that one started deforming the subframe). These damn things are welded. Other than Dealer/TPS, where can i source new arms/bushes from at reasonable...
  19. Arrkon

    Allroad Suspension Issue

    Guys, just rebuilt my compressor using the bagpipingandy kit. Raises like lightening compared to before. However... Measured and Recalibrated the levels back to 402, but every time I try to go into level one (from any) I get a code for control limit surpassed. Only going into level one. Can't...
  20. Arrkon

    Alignment - Midlands

    Can anyone suggest somewhere cheap that can do 4 wheel alignment, best quotes im getting are around 100 quid... any help guys? cheers.